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Originally posted by corsair:
Originally posted by OKCGene:
I still like SAMs but greatly prefer COSTCO for most things. SAMs does have things that COSTO doesn't have.

Curious, care to elaborate?


Sams has the Zebra F301 pens I like. I go through a lot of them. Sams has them in a 10-pack, or it might be a 9-pack now but with a free refill or 2 with it. I go through a lot of these. I useally buy 3 or 4 packs at a time.

Sams seems to have a larger selection of cooking spices. I'm using a lot more spices nowadays to improve my cooking skills.

Sams sells more commercial style cookware and cutlery that Costco. My local Sams was out the other day of the Cambro brand food storage containers. These are the ones restaurants use. To be fair Sams has a limited selection, but they are perfect for what I want to use. Yesterday I ordered online to be shipped to me the sizes I want. I just got a new wok and a Zojirushi rice cooker and just discovered I like the really good Jasmin rice that Costco sells, 25 pound sacks. I'm storing that in these Cambro containers.

Sams has a selection of cooking knives (used to be American made but now china made) kitchen knives. Pretty decent but not great. I can also get the packs of the white tea towels and bar mop towels (I think that's what they're called). Costco doesn't sell this sort of thing.

Sams seems to have a much better selection of snack foods, including chips and various candy items (mints and things that aren't chocolate) I put these out for guests. Sams also seems to have a somewhat larger variety of nuts. I put these out for guests too. However I love the Costco pistachio nuts and cashews.

I think Costco is just a better experience. And I think Costco has better meat choices. Maybe not a huge difference but nevertheless a difference.

Sams is starting the get better, but Costco has offered Organic foods for a long time now. I like that.

Costco gasoline is Top Tier, Sams is not. At least in my experience.

I spend more $$ at Costco, it's my 1st choice, but I also spent money at Sams. (and maybe it's just me or whatever but the men's rooms at Costco always seem to be a bit cleaner.)

Just a bit of trivia, but the very 1st Sams that Sam Walton opened was in Midwest City Oklahoma (a suburb of OKC) located near Tinker AFB. This original Sams, Sams #1 was opened in 1983. I've been a member of Sams since a few years after that. I've been in that store many times, now there are quite a few scattered around the OKC metro area. Just a bit of trivia.

I used to travel a good bit (retired now) OKC just got our 1st Costco about 4 years ago. I've been a Costo member and a Costco Ho (lol) for quite a few years. By that opening I'd already been in 14 different Costco stores (Dallas TX, Southern CA Palm Springs and Sandy Eggo, Albuquerque, Tucson, a few others.) I guess I'm a Costco Ho, lol. I like them. I'm just saying I've been in enough for long enough to realize that my experience was not an aberration.

Walmart has had a reputation for treating their employees well. That might extend to Sams. Costco is known to pay better and treat their employees better. IMO based on my experiences I'll say that's probably true. Costco just seems to be a better experience. YMMV.

Hope that answers your questions.

Edit to add: Sams has the Hempler brand center cut bacon. I buy that to make my own egg McMuffin. It’s sort of a cross between regular bacon as we know it and a ham piece. Not quite round but I trim it a bit. Good stuff.

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I particularly like the Scan And Go feature . Scan the barcode of the item on your phone as you shop .When you're finished , hit " Checkout " , put in your CC or Debit card and head to the door . The guy at the door scans the code that the app generated and you're out of there . You get an email receipt , order history , etc. I'm not big on this kind of stuff but it worked really well for an old geezer like me .
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Picture of V-Tail
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Originally posted by bendable:

we get 8 things at Sam's that Costco refuses to carry
Which 8 things?

הרחפת שלי מלאה בצלופחים
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Selogic - Thank you Sir for this post. I just joined.
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So I joined because of this thread, thank you SigForum! Went for the first time earlier today...interesting.

OKCGene, I think you summed it up nicely, I think Costco is a better overall experience and their employees come across as much more involved and engaged. The Sam's in my location I wonder if it there was tenant prior to being a Sam's; the food court seems like an after-thought and was understaffed, aisle organizing was going in separate directions, versus Costco location are all purpose built and aisles are all oriented the same.

Meats, baked goods and pharmacy/medical area Costco wins
Produce and frozen section I think is even, Sam's carrying smaller sizes versus Costco carrying larger; this one I think depends on your household size.
Paper goods, plastic flatware, canned and dry foods along with junk-food Sam's wins.
Sam's carries more mainstream commercial brands versus Costco carrying more specialty and local specialty brands.
General dairy like milk/eggs/cheese I think is even but, certain Costco's will have a much bigger variety of unique cheeses and dairy products.

We'll see what this year brings looking forward to seeing the seasonal specials and promotions.

PS- Hempler's bacon, I like very much, particularly their Uncured stuff which I find quite tasty. While leaner than most, flavor-wise I think Hempler's is one of the better bacon's out there.
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FYI Our area Costco's just started carrying their own Kirkland brand breakfast sandwich in the frozen food case. Egg cheese and bacon on a fluffy bun that is a a croissant in the shape of a bun. DANG good.
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