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I'm as conservative as anyone here and hate Ducey with a passion. His actions over Covid are forever unforgivable. He should never work again because of that. But he's not running again and I can easily live with Lake or Robson.
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Apparently Lake won out as our GOP candidate for Gov. I am o.k. with that.
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Political Cynic
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as was expected, the Republic of Maricopa is doing everything it can to delay the GOP election results, or at least muddy the waters

Maricopa, Maricopa...I've heard of that before. Oh yeah, ground zero for election fraud in Arizona.
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Originally posted by RichardC:
Are they using Dominion vote counting systems?

Oh, here, RichardC, let me help:

Maricopa County’s tabulation equipment went through extensive testing and received federally accredited Election Assistance Commission certification.
The Dominion Democracy Suite 5.5B is both federally and state certified.
The U.S. Election Assistance Commission certification is an official recognition that a voting system has been tested and has met an identified set of Federal voting system standards.
Find the federal certification here:
Maricopa County completed a robust procurement process to find a vote tabulation system.
With 2.6 million registered voters, Maricopa County needed a vote tabulation system that could accommodate the high volume of voters as well as Arizona’s complex ballot rotation laws.
Maricopa County is the second largest voting jurisdiction in the country and represents more than 60 percent of Arizona’s registered voters. It needed tabulation equipment that could handle that volume.
Maricopa County piloted the tabulation equipment in the Madison School District election in November 2019. The county completed a 100% hand count of the results and used the equipment to tabulate the votes. Both the hand count and tabulated results were a 100% match.

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It's pronounced just
the way it's spelled
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Yeah, it still took days to count the ballots using machines in Maricopa county (France counts all the votes in their national elections the same day as the election by hand), Pima county had mail in ballot printing errors and then ballots shortages. Now the dem who was in charge of our crappy voting system wants to be Governor. Lake may be a moderate or a RINO, but she has to be better than that.
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Gracie Allen is my
personal savior!
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^^ That would really worry me - the Secretary of State has made a partisan mess of two successive elections, and now Arizona's gonna trust her to oversee the election process in her own race for the Governor's Mansion?
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