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No problem. I have some other ideas for inclusion in the meals, but I am going to try to keep it simple while meeting my dietary requirements.

Atkins meal bars are good, but I would not store those in a hot trunk in the summer. In the winter though, those would be fine.

Also, in place of the ramen, I am looking for some freeze dried spaghetti squash that would kinda replicate the noodles and a flavor pack. More fiber and more of the better type of carbs for me.

It sucks when you have or are right on the verge of diabetes. Once I hit 40, doc told me I had one chance and 6 months to avoid a diagnosis of type II. I have been working hard to avoid that. I only have 2-3 cheat days a year. For 11 years I have won that fight, but realistically, I will probably be diagnosed at some point.

If you have any ideas for additions or substitutions, I would love to hear them. These meals are not just for emergency use, I also use them when traveling and for camping if I am not fishing and foraging.


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Yeah, I got diagnosed with type 1 a year and a half ago at 36. I basically had to go from eating whatever I wanted to full-keto overnight. I'm insulin dependent and will be for the rest of my life...that ship has sailed...but my fight is to stay off the fast-acting mealtime stuff for as long as I can and regulate it with once-a-day basal insulin shots, diet, and exercise. I did find that I have to be careful to keep my cholesterol under control, too...I don't want to go on statins and a diet too heavy in meat and eggs will get you there fast.

Unfortunately, a low carb diet doesn't easily lend itself to long-term storage or portability. We've tried to focus on sustainability...we garden, so I grow a lot of stuff that's naturally low carb. We can, freeze, and dehydrate. You can do a lot with wife makes an awesome lasagna using zuchinni instead of noodles, and I actually prefer it to the traditional variety. It's not really shelf-stable or suitable for backpacking or as a survival ration though. It might work well freeze-dried, but I don't have the equipment to do that and have heard it's expensive.

I bought a dehydrator and make zucchini chips which are pretty good as a low-carb snack, and they last a long time. I tried it on peppers, too, but that wasn't so good, and some of them would melt your face off Eek!

Mixed nuts are my main trail go-to. I buy bulk packages of unsalted almonds and roast them myself, then mix in unsalted peanuts and a few cashews and sometimes pecans when they're on sale. They provide enough of a boost to keep my sugar from dropping too low without causing huge spikes. And if you keep them dry, they will stay good a log time.

La Banderita makes zero-net-carb tortillas...unfortunately only in the annoying small size (they do make a regular sized ones with 3 net carbs per tortilla...not sure why they can't upsize their recipe to make the zeros in the larger size), but they don't require refrigeration and will keep for quite a while. Paired with some beef jerkey, hard cheese, a bit of onion and a few slices of pepper they make a good trail taco. All that stuff will keep for a few days, too, especially in colder weather, and you don't have to cook it. Summer sausage/hard salami is an ok choice, too, in moderation.

I've tried the canned meats and packets, and they're workable as a shelf-stable option for at home, but I ultimately went back to jerky for the trail just due to the weight and mess.
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Getting back to the original question, if you are only carrying 44L worth of stuff, the 'empty' part of a 50L pack only weighs a few ounces when you carry it, but the extra space when you need it is very beneficial.

I'd go with the 50L.

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Thank ridgerat... I think I'll be ordering the 50 tonight.

I hope to only really use it for pleasure after I retire and do not have to commute every day (just a little over 1,000 days until then).


One thing that jumped out from your post was the comment about cholesterol. I was hypertensive and my cholesterol was starting to creep up. Doc told me to try keto for 6 months and see what happens. I went hard, real hard. 6-9 grams of carbs per day. All the fat and meat I wanted. I used lettuce and a vinegar / oil dressing for bulk to help me get full (along with a lot of bacon and hard boiled egg). No exercise other than walking. To my amazement, everything is now normal. Blood pressure is within normal limits and the cholesterol bottomed out. Everything got better except for testosterone (but that is expected). Doctor told me after the fact that he knew that would happen (improved numbers in my bloodwork). He has done a lot of research and believes what many are now saying, which is dietary cholesterol has very little impact on LDL/HDL levels. He believes the push away from fats in conjunction with genetics and high sugar/carbs is the cause of high cholesterol. I gotta say, I now fully believe that.

I also lost some weight.

Again, no exercise other than walking around the factory, which I had always done.

I just recently met someone who is a "meatatarian" and is on virtually the same diet as Dr. Jordan Peterson. This new friend had been written off by his doctor as a goner within a few years. He read a book or article by Peterson's wife or daughter. Decided he had nothing to lose. He was diabetic, overweight, super high cholesterol, liver issue, etc. He ate nothing but meat from animals with 2 stomachs (cow, deer, sheep, goats, etc.). The guy lost a bunch of weight, all of his numbers returned to normal, and he is happy.

I do not think I am ready to go that hard, but I am now a believer.

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I've maintained and refined a get home bag in my car for about 10+ years now.

I would forego the stove. You can then fill out your pack with solid coast guard style food bars for calories. (Edit: I see that the OP has dietary restrictions, so this may be limited in usefulness)

You can build a field expedient stove to cook or boil water about a thousand ways if you need to: but really, you should focus on getting home and not waste time with cooking or stopping to eat.

I would also forgo sleeping kit, and instead reserve room for heavy clothes and a silnylon poncho tarp with guylines. Again, you can improvise a field expedient shelter if necessary, and a heavy coat will keep you warm while you sleep, but it's hard to hike while wearing a sleeping bag.

Weight is the real enemy here. Every ounce counts. Anyone who has done any backpacking knows this to be true, but I imagine that in truly crummy situation, excess weight is going to be a huge liability.

In the 10+ years I've had my bag, the only things I've touched is the multi tool for the odd time I really needed a screwdriver, the "pharmacy" kit for painkillers, a prybar for busting open a crate, and the spike of my tomahawk to make a spot to chill beer in a snowpack. I've also had to use my handheld GPS once when my phone and my car Navi couldn't get a lock on my location and was missing map data in the mountains. Things like bandaids and flashlights are used out of my glovebox stash, so as to preserve the get home bag for true emergencies.

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