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My wife makes Ice Tea as a staple in our house.
Made with Black Current and a dab of honey - usually seeped indoors but sometimes with the Sun.
Love Black Current as an Iced Tea - nothing better - Cafe Express here (probably elsewhere too) makes the BEST commercial Iced Tea going! Cool
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Some sweetened condensed milk/dulce de leche might be a good sweetener.
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Revisiting this thread as I have started making cold brew iced tea with the new maker I have and it’s coming out pretty well, right now I’m just using Lipton cold brew tea bags, but would like to try a few brands.

I hear that Luzianne is good?

Any other brands that the forum could suggest as far as a black tea?

I know the Brits love their PG Tips, I thought I’d try that too.

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Originally posted by Minnow:
Bring 4 cups water to a simmer, remove from heat. Add 2 family size Luzianne Ice Tea bags. Let sit for 10 minutes. Remove tea bags. Pour into a 2 qt jug. Add 2 cups cold water. Add ice to bring it to the 2 qt mark. Let it rest about 20 minutes.
Occasionally I will add a little fresh squeezed lemon juice.

That's pretty much how I do it too.
We do add some fresh mint from the garden.

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I agree with all those who said "sun tea."

We use Luzianne big ice tea bags. No sugar but sometimes with a slice of fresh lemon. Fantastic heat beater!

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I make it every day or every other day.

I use a 2qt pitcher. 6 PG Tips tea bags. 3/4 full with filtered water from the fridge. 1/4 top off with 195F hot water from the Zojirushi airpot (slightly accelerate the cold brew). When the pitcher reaches room temp, into the fridge overnight.

The next day - smooth, tasty tea w/o bitterness.

Never seen/ heard of Luzianne. I'll look for it.

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Water is good for you (duh) but it’s boring.

I just got an Infusion Pitcher. It has a hollow center tube, couple inches in diameter, with perforations to allow water to mix easily. Cost was $20 bucks.

To that I add fruit for flavoring. I’ve tried all kinds of fruit, currently I’m really liking watermelon, strawberry or lime. You can do whatever you want; banana, blueberry, whatever. I like to slice and slightly mash the fruit to create a better flavor saturation.

Having said that, to answer your Tea question, I really like to do this to tea. You really need to learn (it’s simple) to make great tea to start with. Add good tea to this fruit conction.

It’s good for you, it’s tasty, and you’ll benefit from the extra Vitamins and Minerals etc.

I grabbed a video at random to illustrate this and give you some ideas:

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I like sun tea. 15 or so Lipton bags, 5 constant comment and 5 earl grey in a BIG jar. unsweetened.

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A Luzianne family size teabag in a mug of water. Nuke for 167 seconds. Dunk the bag 5 times. Pour into a pitcher of water.

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Lots of great recipes already here. I just want to add if you are using boiling water and black tea, a pinch of salt in the pot helps smooth out the flavor.

Just a pinch, you don't want to go overboard.

My go to is Lipton, but Salada, & Red Rose are nice alternatives.

My favorite is mixed with lemonade to make an Arnold Palmer.
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I’m trying the Luzianne tea today, this is the cold brewer I have which makes a gallon:

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I personally do like a little tea in my sugar water Big Grin

I drink up to a gallon a day of this... strong and sweet...

Green tea has slightly more antioxidants than black tea but slightly less caffeine.

To brew it I just fill a gallon pitcher half full of hot water from our hot water dispenser, throw in 9 tea bags for a few minutes, then remove the bags and add the sugar, 2 cups... same ratio as in Dr Pepper. The sugar quickly dissolves in the hot water and then I fill the pitcher to the top with ice. A little stir and the ice melts quickly. In the fridge it goes. Doesn't take very long at all to make. I usually have one gallon to drink from and one ready in reserve.
Sometimes we have a third gallon in the fridge of regular black sweet tea because the wife prefers it over my green tea.

Ain't no such thing as UN-sweet tea... Un-sweet tea is just sweet tea you didn't finish making yet Big Grin

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I can drink sweet tea when I'm in the south, but sweet tea in this part of the country is an abomination.

OH, Bonnie McMurray!
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I drink a gallon a day in the summer time. In the morning I'll add 6 bags of Lipton decaf (yes, decaf. If I drank that much regular tea I'd be bouncing off the walls) to a gallon jar of water and set it out on the porch whilst I'm at work. When I come home a few hours later, I take it in, add 1/2 cup of sugar or 3/4 cup of honey, a few squirts of lemon juice, and into the fridge it goes.

I might have to try one of those infusion pitchers though. Peach would be great to add to the tea.

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we make up different combinations for "a gallon" at a time of sun tea, if the sun ever comes back out this season....

various recipes I don't recall right now, but some contained fennel, and/or anise star, but we have migrated to Celestial Seasonings bags depending on whim.
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Sun tea all summer. fill the pitcher with tap water (from the well), hang 5 regular tea bags and one chai tea bag on the side a n let the sun work its' magic.


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OK. I'll be THAT guy.

A Good Iced Tea Recipe

That is a complete oxymoron as I can't understand how any person can stand to drink that stuff.

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I use Lipton too but most of the main brands are fine.

One of the best was the old generic black and white box. I doubt you can find that anymore. Store brands may be the same now.

Red Rose Tea will have a unique trinket in the box or used to. It was decent tea too.

Like I mentioned before, I go with Milo now. It would be a good test target for you. Not a fan of the fake sweetened Milo though.
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Originally posted by gjgalligan:
OK. I'll be THAT guy.

A Good Iced Tea Recipe

That is a complete oxymoron as I can't understand how any person can stand to drink that stuff.

Well, you’re the minority here.

My wife also can’t stand it, more for me then I say!

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Boil 4 small tea bags of Luzianne tea in water. Add 1 cup of sugar or truvia. Mix, add water to make 1 gallon. This is how I make mine but with the Truvia. God Bless !!! Smile

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