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Long article so didn't want to post it all here. Bottom line is homes with gas stoves have more nitrogen dioxide (50 to 400 times more), as well as carbon monoxide and other particle pollution. Biggest impact on children and those with respiratory issues such as asthma.

There's currently no indoor air quality or outside venting requirements for home appliances. If you have a hood that vents to the outside seems best to use it whenever you cook regardless of whether you need it for smoke removal or not.

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Cooking on gas indoor appliances can and does induce pollutants which can be hazardous to health. No argument.

Like you said: ventilate to outside. I know of only one appliance manufacturer who doesn't recommend ventilation and that's Sub - Zero; I'm sure there are more, but most recommend ventilation of some sort.

Looking at the article, the author's history and referenced source information, I think of this as another angle of attack on the fossil fuel industry.

Referenced In Article
"Last month, the 16 members of CARB unanimously adopted a resolution in support of updating building codes to improve ventilation standards and move toward electrification of appliances—making California the first state to issue official guidance addressing the health impacts of gas stoves and other appliances.

This guidance—which cited the evidence linking gas appliances with asthma and exposure to air pollution more generally with elevated Covid-19 risks—boosts the hopes of those advocating for the decarbonization of California’s buildings that the Energy Commission will require new construction in the state to be all-electric in 2022. If that happens, it would instantly transform the country’s largest market for gas appliances, in a move that could reverberate nationwide."

The goal is "clean energy" whatever that is, never mind the indirect costs or sources, such as fossil fuels which account for over 60% of electricity production in the US today.
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Yes, let's making cooking appliances electric so that when we have power outages, no one can cook.

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Originally posted by konata88:
Yes, let's making cooking appliances electric so that when we have power outages, no one can cook.

New gas-stoves no longer have pilots - usually spark/electronic ignitors. So now power---no spark--no cook anyway unless a match/lighter works

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making California the first state to issue official guidance addressing the health impacts of gas stoves and other appliances.
Well, maybe Californika can deep-six gas dryers, water heaters and furnaces while they are at it, too. Screw them.

These assholes are always looking for some alleged, trivial problem. Must be a jobs program for the CARB.

Bottom line is homes with gas stoves have more nitrogen dioxide (50 to 400 times more), as well as carbon monoxide and other particle pollution.
This is news? Of course an open gas flame puts out pollutants due to combustion. So does a fireplace. Anyone with half a brain knows to vent their gas stove. When my stovetop or oven gets turned on, I automatically turn on the vent to the outside.

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Check out the Y.T. vids explaining H.R.V.'s and E.R.V's,
This Old House has a couple of good ones.

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Cooking on electric sucks. I live in a somewhat rural area. There are a lot of places that do not have natural gas, and quite a few don’t have propane as an option either. That’s a deal breaker when looking at a house.

If the house doesn’t have gas hookups for the stove, I won’t consider buying.

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Meh, just another scam to screw people over by increased costs by another "soon to be on the horizon" EPA regulation pushed by the electric or competing companies.

As others have said there has ALWAYS been a certain amount of risk. If you are that worried about fumes or C02 then crack a window when you cook your hamburger. lol

In other news; smoking, drinking alcohol and sitting have been found to kill people.

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Seattle. What a surprise…

Seattle mayor wants to ban gas heat in some new buildings

Dec. 5, 2020
Updated: Dec. 5, 2020 9:08 a.m.

SEATTLE (AP) — Mayor Jenny Durkan said this week Seattle should ban natural gas heat in some new buildings in response to a two-year increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

Road transportation accounts for much of the city's emissions, but emissions in that sector actually dropped slightly from 2016 to 2018, the most recent period for which the city has comprehensive data, The Seattle Times reported.

Emissions from buildings are also significant, however, and they increased by more than 8%, driving the overall growth and pulling the city away from its stated goal to become carbon neutral by 2050, according to a new report the mayor released.

That spike is partially why Durkan wants to limit natural gas heat in new commercial buildings and large apartment buildings, she said, announcing a proposal to update the city’s energy codes for construction projects. The changes would require such buildings to use efficient electric systems instead.

“We are facing a climate disaster,” the mayor said in a news release, describing building electrification as “an important step” toward curbing climate change.

Environmentalists are hailing Durkan’s proposal, though some are criticizing the move as too meek. The natural gas industry could object, but the labor movement is on board.

The Durkan administration plans to send a bill to the City Council this month.
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I don't worry about the gas stovetop because it normally takes like 20 to 30 minutes to heat/cook something, then it's off again.

so not like its on 24/7

Honestly, I worry more about the leakage from my microwave, but that's just me.

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One by one, CA cities are banning natural gas usage in new buildings, San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland all recently passed ordinances. Never mind that the some of the largest forest/wildfires we've seen the last 3-years have been attributed to a fragile and under-serviced electrical grid. The obvious compromise against an all-out ban, was confined to new buildings with exceptions to clothing driers; one wonders if induction stoves will come down in price now Roll Eyes
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I wouldn't be surprised that these Governments are part of a working plan to help ban gas for the purpose of reducing the need to drill and extract NG from the earth, it's a backasswards way to eliminate a fossil fuel.

The use with "Alleged" health concerns is just the manner in which they shadow ban a fossil fuel in favor of renewable fuel sources.

Nobody is dying, going to the hospital, having respiratory issues of major concern over a gas water heater or stove.

It's the politics of energy redistribution...

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As a person who has always had a gas range as well as with over 40 years in the appliance industry they are full of crap.

It's just part of the war on using fossil fuels. I saw that article a week ago and as soon as I saw that the Sierra Club was involved, I knew it was a piece of crap.

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Yes, let's ban the use of propane and natural gas appliances and force citizens to utilize electricity - which is today still generated primarily by fossil fuels. Roll Eyes
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More big brother/we know what's best for you bullshit. I hate these idiots...but they'll be the first to tell you how "your rights cannot infringe on my rights"--assholes.
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No silly willy-nilly state by state thing, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is jumping right in. You know, for our safety… Roll Eyes

“Gas stove ban 'on the table' for federal agency:

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission consider ban on gas stoves because of harm pollutants cause on respiratory and other health issues.”

What part of "...Shall not be infringed" don't you understand???

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We're all going to die. OMG!


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And the people in WNY are suffering and suffered under their governor's plan to do away with gas stoves. Electric only and how many people were without power?

My family lives south of Buffalo and I specifically asked what were their plans if the power goes out.

Because of the brutal cold, their first thing would be to run their generator for the frig and to keep phones and battery banks recharged. Then they'd light a fire or keep a fire going i the fireplace.

Finally, if everything went to shit, and it somewhat did, they wall off the rooms in the kitchen, crank up the oven and open oven door to get heat, keeping in mind carbon monoxide.

No possible to live off of green energy when the power is out.
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I see so many homes with exhaust fans for the range that just vent the area back into the house. That added to how homes are much more airtight than they used to be.

I like gas ranges. I wish people would stop changing the vents to vent back into the house and new buildings would have to have vents to the outside.

Every time I see a microwave that was added above the stove that wasn't originally there the vents to the outside are closed off and it vents right back into the house. It's easier and cheaper to do it that way so it gets done. Doesn't make it right.


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Propagandist horseshit.


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