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Chasing Bugholes
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Originally posted by Captain Morgan:

Good luck with the new lathe. Post some pics of what you've made. I would like to see them.

Here are a few things. Mill and lathe work.

Sand casting pattern

Muzzle brakes

40X 22 repeater conversion

Some TL3 barrels

I’ll post more from the new lathe as things get made with it.
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Originally posted by Loswsmith:
Originally posted by jelrod1:
It actually necks down to just over 1.250 where a collet closer attachment engages. That's no problem though. It works fine even on a 1.25 straight barrel. Unless larger magnums most all barrels are 1.25 or less shank size for what I do. I see people on other forums never recommend one for barrel work because they say they're too small. I just laugh and keep running this one. I do have fixturing set up on it front and rear. I had to make all that. I've got 4 jaw and 3 jaw setups for it too, and a 5C collet closer.

Literally understood only 20% of this paragraph, but I am super envious of this cool tool!

He means that the inside of the spindle is just over 1.25", while the OD of barrel shanks is 1.250" or slightly less. He made fixtures for aligning the blank to the spindle to a high degree of accuracy.
In my tired state I typed 1.5", but realize now should have been 1.25".

Hardinge tool room lathes are super precise. You can dial in .0001" pretty much, and take that amount off. Been a long time since I used one though, but they are premier for accuracy.

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