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just for giggles I checked. minimags not available online.

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At the Tulsa Wanenmacher gun show today, dealer has 525 rd Remington bricks for $30. 325 rd bricks for $19.
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Back in 1970 when I was on my high school rifle team, we would get bricks of .22 Winchester ammo for $5 through the Civilian Marksmanship Program.
I read that the CMP was spun off from the Army in 1996 and is now a non-profit.
Is it still a source of low-cost .22 ammo?
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Haven't checked any place but wally world, but the shelves are still bare there.

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If you want to see where the Wallyworld .22 ammo is, look around at your next gun show. Usually priced a few dollars higher around here.

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My WalMart is still dry when I get there and the clerk tells me there's 2 men that buy all of it at once.

I've found it at Acadamy but it's a bit of a drive over to Gainsville

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Originally posted by hrcjon:
just for giggles I checked. minimags not available online.

$7.40 box (7.4¢ per round) did not check the shipping cost but Bone Frog is usually very reasonable.


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Local show had CCI Mini-mags for $8 for the 100 round box. That's like 50 cents more than they were at Walmart.
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The prices are still inflated. As long as folks keep buying them at inflated prices, they will be happy to sell them at inflated prices. The prices mentioned in earlier posts are double what they used to be before the panic.
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This right here. I remember buying Winchester Super X know...the clear red box of 100...for like $2.99. They'd even run it on sale for $2.49 or even $1.99. $9.99/100, those people can eat a turd. I just looked and Midway is selling that box of 100 for $9.49...scuuuuuurreeeewwwww that! And like Steve said...people think that's the norm now. Do I ever expect to see it for $2.99 or even $3.99? Nope, but $0.10/round for .22LR is just a little too much sugar for a dime, as my wise, sage mom would say.

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Which is exactly why my .22's are 'silenced' without owning a suppressor. I won't buy at the higher prices. F*ck 'em, feed 'em fishheads.
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I have been getting the 525 packs of Remington from Academy for $28.00. Dick's sporting goods has .22 also, but it is slightly more expensive.

Walmart is useless for the stuff. I want .22 and Perfecta .223 from them, and they are eternally sold out of both.

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I looked while I was getting groceries at Meijer's yesterday and they had as much .22 as they had 9mm! The had Minimags for about 9 cents a shot. The fact that they have some all the time now is proof it's over. The prices there are just kind of nuts for centerfire ammo. A box of Winchester WB for 13.95? Nope.
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Originally posted by olfuzzy:
About the only place around here that doesn't have .22 ammo is Walmart.

Same in my area.

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Saw 500 rd bulk at the Oaks, PA show last week for $26 and it wasn't exactly FLYING out the door. Several tables down the aisle.....the same stuff for $50 up to $60.

The best I saw on Mini Mags lately was $8 per hundred. Still too high in my opinion. Here in MT it's $10 on UP. Insane.
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I was at the splitrock pa show a little while back. Federal 525 bricks were going for $25, and they weren't flying off the shekces.
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I was in SWFA's store on Saturday, and they had .22 of every kind - from the crappiest bulk Remington to Eley Tenex.

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I wish it were over here!

No .22 at Wallyworld since 2012, to the point I only check every month or so now (the 3 in my work/home orbit).

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There is one small gun store up the street from me that sends his neckbeards out to buy up ALL the Wal-Mart ammo and has these huge signs along the road advertising .22 ammo for sale.

$50 a fucking box.


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I remember paying $8.00 a brick for good 22LR all day long when I was a kid.
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