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I have eaten a fair amount of goat at Mexican and Pakistani restaurants. It is more beef-tasting than lamb, and sometimes it seems very much like beef. I like lamb better because it does have a distinct flavor. Goat is good, but in a sauce, it doesn't seem a lot different than beef.

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I went to a wedding reception in the Philippines 45 years ago. I found it to be very tasty, first and last time I have ever had it.

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My BIL makes a great Goat curry. He learned it from a fellow inmate in a North Vietnamese prison 1975-1988.

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I’ve had goat and dog, both were comparable.

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Originally posted by konata88:
That being said, how common is goat consumption? I've never seen it on the menu even until now.

It's quite common in Indian, Pakistani, and middle eastern dishes. Muslims don't eat pork and Hindus typically don't eat beef — so meats like chicken, fish, goat, and lamb are common and can be eaten by both groups (given correct preparation of the non-fish meats).
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Years ago I worked in a bakery with Jamaicans, and they would bring in curry goat every once in a while, I remember it being really good sort of like a lighter color but slightly gamier beef. It was full of bones though.

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We’ve got about 115 “meat” goats here on the ranch that we use for fuel reduction / cleanup. They’re a mix of Boer, Spanish, and Kiko. Goats are the (somewhat) domesticated animal most like deer. They eat almost everything and can be a real challenge to contain.

Don’t believe I’ve ever eaten goat meat, but the Hispanic folks that come by to buy the red oak firewood (coast live oaks) that results (mostly) from cleaning up down trees, and (very little) from the occasional pruning are often asking if I have any goats to sell. Occasionally, one will become enough of a pain in the neck that we decide it is time for him or her to “Go see Gilberto.”

Depending on what region of Mexico they’re from they may refer to the goats as cabra (cabrito is little goat) or chivo (chivito is also little goat).
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I've had Jamaican curried goat and love it. That and ox tail are really good when done right.
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