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So if Pelosi encouraged/directed Milley’s actions, would it not be conspiracy to commit treason?
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I'm not too shocked about Milley's reprehensible conduct. After all, according to his wikipedia biographical information, he graduated from Princeton with a BS degree in POLITICAL SCIENCE, and was commissioned as second lt. via his Princeton Army ROTC schooling; 1980. His biography
in Wikipedia is quite informative. As a lowly Army
sergeant during 1959 - 1962, I think President Trump could have found a much better four-star to lead the joint chiefs of staff. Mark Miller - a disgrace to the uniform; to the 82nd Airborne, the
Army Rangers, and the Infantrymas badge he wears!
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General “Windsock” … is he still there? WTF

"Pacifism is a shifty doctrine under which a man accepts the benefits of the social group without being willing to pay - and claims a halo for his dishonesty."
~Robert A. Heinlein
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Thank you
Very little
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President Joe Biden said he has 'great confidence' in General Mark Milley after he admitted to holding calls with his Chinese counterpart working under Trump

Press Secretary Jen Psaki called Milley a 'patriot' when defending him

She said Biden has 'complete confidence' in Milley's 'fidelity to our Constitution'

Of course, it emboldens the lefts playbook, and further demonizes Trump and his supporters, look at DC, look at the fences and requests for National Guard support, every article mentions "right wing" and Trump.

None of this is unbelievable it's in fact SOP...

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D.C. is a snakepit. Court Martial of GO's is unlikely. If there is treason or espionage it would be an FBI/US Attorney territory. He will almost certainly have to resign, at this point he is damaged goods and a distraction. I still want to see the transcript of the calls.

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And lots of official types are springing to his defense. Which causes me to think back over what I have learned about our Generals from the past, beginning with Washington up to Schwarzkopf. Including Robert E. Lee. And I cant think of any circumstance or occurrence in which any of them felt the need to confer with a potential enemy.
But its ok when Milley does it! Roll Eyes
And what if, during his chat with the Chinese, that they took his remarks seriously enough to believe an attack against them was imminent and they pre-emptively struck us? Would he still be a hero?

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I'll say it again - I seriously doubt ANY of these conversations took place.

I doubt milley called the Chinese, I doubt milley had a discussion with pelosi questioning the security of our nuclear forces, I doubt milley issued these 'orders' to the military commanders. . .

When assessing an article, one must analyze:
1) The author
2) The audience
3) The message

This is like the guy who 'got PTSD from shooting an AR - it's pure 100% fabricated propaganda. In this case,

1) the author is a known liberty-hating leftist.
2) The audience is the ill-informed, the gullible, and the sheep who actually believe an 'attempted insurrection' really took place on Jan 6 and that President Trump was responsible for it.
3) The message is (surprise, surprise) "ORANGE MAN BAD."

Really, I bet this is 100% fabrication. People are NOT questioning whether President Trump was 'irrational and out of control' that day - they are questioning milley's motives and the legality of his supposed actions.

Even people here on the Forum seem to have taken at face value all the narrative about 'trying to protect the country from a madman' and are instead debating the legality of actions that probably never took place.

I'll give the leftists credit - this is such good propaganda that Goebels himself is smiling down at them from evil heaven.

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Milley is admitting to the contacts. That indicates to me he is fully supported by the Adminstration
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Internet Guru
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No question that our broken media coordinates their propaganda with the communist in charge.
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Originally posted by ulsterman:
Milley is admitting to the contacts. That indicates to me he is fully supported by the Adminstration

Either that or he is going to be the fall guy for the "Flee From Kabul" debacle. Sometime next week, we will start to see "pieces of the transcripts" of the call released, if there is still pressure on Bidet.
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I worked with a lot of military people in my last job for eleven years. This included Polo Hat Exercises, White House, JCS, and special projects.

Overall, most were very professional. There were several that seemed to look for trouble. They would ask stupid questions in meetings and go off on a tangent. Both cases involved Army Generals.

Then there were the military people we hired. Most did not have the technical experience for the job and in some cases it was a conflict of interest. Some would take personal property and credit for other peoples work.

What Milly did is hard to believe and he needs to be punished.

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The Unmanned Writer
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He's actually the inspiration for one of the Muppets, specifically, Sam Eagle...

Only in an insane world are the sane considered insane.

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Are the deeds of a man in his prime

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What a horrible thing to say about a muppet Big Grin
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personal savior!
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Really! Sam's blue (blue-gray?), but he's not a falcon! Razz
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Glorious SPAM!
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I'm convinced that Gen Milley is the Sam's Club version of Sgt Half Mast from the PS Monthly magazines. Except I trust Sgt Half Mast.

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General Milley Downplayed BLM Riots To Prevent Trump From Invoking Insurrection Act

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, tried to downplay the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from invoking the Insurrection Act, arguing that they were mainly centered around the use of “spray paint.”

That’s according to the new book, ‘Peril’, written by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

Despite the violent demonstrations quickly spreading across the country, Milley continued to insist that they had only impacted two cities and were relatively sedate, echoing CNN’s ludicrous “fiery, but most peaceful” description of the riots.

“They used spray paint, Mr President, that’s not an insurrection. […] We’re a country of 330 million people. You’ve got these penny packet protests,” Milley allegedly told Trump.

Milley apparently told Trump that most of the riots only involved around 300 people and that they paled in significance to the 1968 Washington riots caused by the assassination of MLK and the Battle of Fort Sumter in 1861, which started the Civil War.

The riots took mere days to spread to virtually every major city in the country, with looting, arson and violent attacks becoming commonplace, eventually causing around $2 billion dollars in property damage as well as at least 19 deaths and over 17,000 arrests.

At one point, demonstrators took over an entire area of downtown Seattle, completely obliterating official law and order for a number of weeks.

Trump’s failure to act strongly and decisively led to him looking weak, derailing a lot of momentum he would have had going into the election.

According to other reports, Trump wanted to invoke the Insurrection Act and put Milley in charge of National Guard troops to end the unrest, leading the two to have a shouting match where Milley refused to take charge.

Back in June, Milley appeared to side with the kind of ‘woke’ rhetoric spewed by far-left groups like BLM when he told the House Armed Services Committee that he was concerned about “white rage” in the United States.

As we highlighted earlier this week, Milley was also accused of treason by Trump after it emerged that he had promised to warn China ahead of any military operations.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson labeled the revelation, “One of the scariest things that has ever happened in this country.”

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it."
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NRA Life Member - "Fear God and Dreadnaught"
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The worst thing about this is the sycophant leftist press that is claiming Milley is a hero because he averted war with China and kept a "crazed" Trump from launching an attack.

Basically, the ends justify the means and as long as the mutiny and un-constitutional actions of Milley were directed at the Orange Man, it's OK.

This is probably the single most destructive example of moral relativism I have ever seen. No one should ever tolerate this kind of behavior, REGARDLESS of personal opinions about the CiC. There is a process to remove an impaired CiC and it has nothing to do with the military.
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If it’s true (I have little trust for them to ever tell the truth when political points can be won) he very well could have increased the chance of China taking a preemptive strike. Why would China trust Milley? The guy is breaking his oath to his own country.

It presents the Chinese a (probably false and overblown) chaotic depiction of events in the US. The CCP historically speaking loves stability more than almost everything else. That move could have put the world closer to a nuclear conflict while being presented as the opposite.

The fact that we are even having this conversation is pathetic and sad.
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