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I Am The Walrus
I'm looking to build a website for a business.

Not looking to get too fancy for now, mostly for informational purposes but might want to expand to being able to accept payment for sale of goods in the future.

Please let me know what you have used and the good and bad things.

I have heard of Wix and SquareSpace.

Also looking for email hosting. I see GoDaddy and Google have hosting services for your own domain.


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I use Inmotion Hosting and Epik.

I also add a free cloudflare account so that I can block troublesome countries from accessing my sites.

I’ve bought templates from Template Monster in the past.

Wordpress is a decent content management system.

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I have my own company where I support and host more than 40 micro and small business websites. Both eCommerce and non-eCommerce sites.

I use WordPress (and WooCommerce) exclusively.

I've had multiple clients start off with proprietary systems like Wix and end up having one or two pretty basic business requirements that can not be filled with those systems, so they end up starting over and switching to WordPress.

Please, I beg you, avoid anything to do with GoDaddy when it comes to hosting a website or email.

When it comes to email hosting, I do suggest Google Workspace at $6 per account, per month. My preference is to keep email hosting separate from website hosting. For my clients who do not want to spend that much, I suggest Namecheap's Professional Business Email.

For domain registration, I would use either Google Domains or Epik. Both offer a solid service for a low per-year price of $12 or less.


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