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I want some idiot-proof easy to use security cameras including a doorbell camera. A complete alarm system would be a bonus.

Arlo, Nest or something else?

I don't want a POE system.

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I put up a couple of the new Wyze cameras, to tinker with. My employer uses them to monitor some equipment over the weekend.

They're inexpensive ($35 when I bought), and easy to use (in my opinion).

Home Depot link

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We have a couple Blink interior cameras at work.
They work well when we remember to keep good batteries in them.

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Setup a system for my mother years ago. Easy to setup and has been rock solid since.
Just charge the batteries every few months.
I day free storage so no need to pay a subscription. If you get the one with an actual base station you can plug a USB drive to it and it will still record if internet goes does but power does not.

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I bought a set of Arlo cameras from Costco mid last year. I didn't like them as battery life was short and I didn't feel they were reliable. I then bought 5 Eufy S40 Solar cameras and have been very pleased. In AZ we have plenty of sun to keep them charged and the pictures are very clear.

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I have had 7 Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight cameras plus the doorbell cam for over a year with zero issues. The batteries life is very good, usually 6 - 8 weeks or more. The last set of cameras I bought came with a spare battery and charger. The battery can be swapped in minutes. If there is any downside, it is the monthly fee of $12.99 for 30 days of storage; this is for unlimited cameras. If you decide to purchase, wait until they go on sale for substantial savings.
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I have had Eufy cameras for 2-3 years. I'm happy with them.
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I have 4 Arlo Ultra cameras; they are attached to non-Arlo photovoltaic panels I bought from Amazon. Hence they never need charging--or have not thus far.
I also have the Arlo doorbell.
I pay a subscription fee to be able to retrieve older images.

I am completely satisfied; have two more cameras to put up in the back yard, will do that when weather gets better (yes, in San Diego).

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The Blink camera is pretty cost effective. They work off WiFi and are battery powered. The batteries can last several years if they are lightly used. Really easy to set up.

There is no monthly services fee as all cider is stored on your mobile device.

The video segments are time adjustable and can be a little disappointing as they are triggered on movement. Still provided us enough proof when we caught our now ex-pet sitter stealing meds from our bathroom though.

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I’m a fan of the Ring equipment. We’ve had the doorbell and cameras for years and just replaced our monitored alarm with their alarm system.

Everything works together, good interface and you can manage everything anywhere you have internet access.

Tip- buy the doorbell first and get your account set up.

Once account is set up, you get 10% off additional equipment. If you are veteran, first responder, or teacher you can get get an ADDITIONAL 20% discount from Ring on equipment. I imagine you can get the 20% off on your first purchase before setting up account.

You have the option of self monitoring, but professional monitoring along with cloud recordings and free equipment replacement is only $200/year.

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I have Ring and I did pretty much what 911Boss did, start with the doorbell and expanded from there, eventually signed up for their security which was only 1/3 of what my old security company was going to charge me and basically have the full system all consolidated into a single easy to use and functional app.

The main point though is to pick a brand and stick with it so you can take advantage the ability to manage them all under the same environment and eventually integrated into your home alarm system. This means you should study the entire line up and make sure they offer a product for everything you plan to or will potentially install (doorbell, outdoor cam, indoor cam, cam with flood lights, alarm system, etc).

Another thing to consider, is the ability to hardwire the cameras so you NEVER have to worry about battery, I consider it a deal breaker if hardwiring isn't an option in a device.

Also be mindful of where you mount the cameras, don't put it where it's too low where someone can easily temper with it. Furthermore, a general rule of thumb (for me at least) is to have the cameras monitor the OUTSIDE of the house, never inside (exceptions could be made if you need a child monitor or something). Remember these images are being streamed through the cloud and you do not want to risk any chance of your privacy being breached due to some security issue that you may not have control over.
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Went with Nest, since we already have the thermostat, front yard camera is plugged into 110 in the attic, rear camera is battery powered and charges like a cell phone every three-four weeks, never have to buy batteries. Very happy with the quality and ease of use.
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Have the Ring Doorbell, it was slower than Christmas still isn't as fast as I'd like and we have 1GB Fiber service now, upgraded wifi with a Nighthawk AX3000 WiFi 6 mesh router, speeds are 800+ up/down haven't quite got a gig speed yet.

The issue with these online service cameras is they transmit all connectivity to the internet through your wifi, so local wifi must be fast and strong, local internet should be high speed. The video goes from your device, through wifi, to the net, to their servers and back the same path. Don't have a lot of speed and by the time you get the video, if you do get it, whatever happened is long over with.

You will have a recording of it though.

We have the blink cameras, the image is pretty good but nothing you could use to give detail to the cops about. Same issue with camera connectivity to see the video or live feed, it can sometimes be quick, sometimes it doesn't happen.

The blink does the job for observation, it's not top tier but, it's not $1000 either...

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I too went with the Ring system. Easy to use, and the start up was less than $500 including the Eero monitoring setup. It had everything I needed in the kit minus a few window alarms and a chime for the doorbell. I bought an extra two pack of outdoor light/cameras and they've worked wonderfully, giving me 360 degree coverage of the house, and for the inside I just went with the motion detectors. (I used the Vets discount)

My initial setup

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another arlo user,

one outside, with a solar charger,

2 inside, (I have a plug in adapter, but have not used it much, easier to change batteries)
and the door bell

only issue is if I am somewhere with limited cell coverage and someone pushes the door bell,

but that is not Arlo related

I bought a package, then added extra batteries, a solar charger and a plug in for a camera,

I will admit, that sometimes the app will hiccup and I will have to sign in to check things but generally speaking, it works well

BTW, if you area has outdoor cats, or the random coon or possum, the outside camera will chime to let you know,,

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Originally posted by HRK:

The blink does the job for observation, it's not top tier but, it's not $1000 either...
After a costly incident at the hangar (I will probably tell the full story after the legal dust has settled), I stuck a couple of motion activated blink cameras showing the hangar door from both sides. There is a delay in notification, but I do have a good time-stamped record, which is what I need. The live view mode can be activated from a smartphone and works just fine.

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We started with a RING doorbell, then a stickup cam, then another, another doorbell, then a RING Alarm Pro with their monitoring service. The system and service work great together.

It came in handy two years ago when the neighbor's dogs kept digging under their fence, and when they attacked our dog in our backyard.

The alarm was tested last month, when we were out of town, our daughter came over to fill the bird feeders, and shortcutted through the house, rather than going the long way around. She had forgotten that we would arm the alarm when leaving town, and was too flustered to disarm it when she was caught. Fortunately RING called my cell phone before sending the police.

All of the camaras are plug-in with batteries to back them up, and the recording is saved locally to the alarm router. The alarm also has battery back up and ATT cellular to back up our fiber internet.

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