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You do not want to even visit that part of Tennessee.

It’s terrible.

You’re far better off in Texas, Hell you’re better off even in San Francisco or Portland.

Am I laying it on too thick? I need people to not move there until after I do.

Nice is overrated

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Airsoftguy, June 29, 2018
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Dolly Parton

Johnny Knoxville

Morgan Freeman

Justin Timberlake

Christina Hendricks

Kenny Chesney

Cybill Shepherd

Aretha Franklin

Miley Cyrus

Megan Fox

Tina Turner

Chet Atkins

Kathy Bates

Quentin Tarantino

Isaac Hayes

Elvis Presley

Polly Bergen

Tennessee Ernie Ford

Shannen Doherty

All came from there, most moved away

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Originally posted by 9x18:

I bet I've passed near your place coming up hwy.68 from Blue Ridge Ga. A twisty but very scenic drive.

You sure have. I’m 1/4 mile off 68.

Best regards,


I have no comment at this time.
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Originally posted by Udo:
I came to this area in the late seventies after leaving the army. I attended Tennessee Tech in the sixties. Could not be happier. But it is growing fast soon the small town feel will be gone

Just curious, where in middle TN still has the "small town feel"? Unless you are down around Columbia, or further southward (like Pulaski), the growth from metro Nashville has obliterated most small towns in mid-TN. All of my family is from McEwen, midway between Dickson and Waverly, and Dickson is exploding now in population!

Bill R.
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