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Transplanting and propigating the old fruit trees, trees, plants, and shrubs of my grandparents and my wifes grandparents homeplaces has been a really rewarding experience to say the least!


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That is cool. I like stuff like that. Congrats.

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It sounds rewarding. I'd be happy to see some pictures if you have them.


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My neighbors have beautiful front landscaping and their backyard is spectacular. Almost everything comes from propagating relatives' and friend's plants (eg genuine Cuban mojito mint from me). I always do extra seed starts for my organic veggie & herb garden, and my extras go to them.

My okra comes from drying out one of their okra pods and harvesting the seeds.

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Very nice! Have done the same over the last 20 years. We have scotch pines from my wife's grandparents and other pines from the land I used to hunt, an oak from my dad's, an ash from my inlaws (we're trying to keep it alive) and forsythia from my inlaws.

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I’d love to hear about this. I have an old apple tree I’d really like to transplant/ graft, but I’ve had no success thus far.


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