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I feel good on 223 and 308 and new in wrap mags as well as proven range mags And pistol rounds. And mags for those handguns.

Almost to the detriment of freeze dried food and water etc. it’s Florida so we always run a half dozen cases of water at least. We do have a well and a year round natural spring creek on our property. Maybe a big berkey filter. Now that I have a whole house generator I’m considering the monster chest freezer. Previously if I had lots of food in the freeze and power was out more than a day I started to worry. Now if the power and water and natural gas utilities all shut off we are fooked. Debating getting my almost 16 year old a plate carrier. I have an eagle scalable. Something more slick and discreet would be nice.
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Originally posted by AKSuperDually:
I think I might actually have enough. I'm not naive enough to think I'm going to survive more than a handful of engagements. I have enough to do my part in dealing with overreaching overlords should they come knocking. I probably have enough to take a couple to them.

I agree. I have a bunch and probably way more than it will take for a bullet to find me and take me out.
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When CA passed a law a few years ago that made online ammo purchases impractical, I stocked up, big time, before it went into effect. My heirs will likely have to deal with the rest of it.

And when a brief (very brief) window opened that allowed Californians to legally purchase (and own) full capacity magazines, I availed myself of that opportunity too.

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I have more 5.56 than I will shoot in my lifetime probably. Could use some spare parts and a second AR, but I don't like shooting rifles much and don't feel like buying a backup for if TSHTF. If I'm in a firefight long enough to use all my pistol SD ammo, things have really, really gone wrong. I have 5,000+ rds of .22. I do need some 9mm ball for sure, only have a couple thousand of those.

If I felt like I needed anything it would be the extra AR + parts mentioned earlier. As it is I'd have trouble figuring out what to bring and want to hide if I had to leave my house. I'd probably just grab two duty pistols, .22 pistol/rifle, AR, and whatever trunk space I had left would be all ammo.


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I am personally set WRT factory ammo, both in handgun (.40 S&W) and rifle (5.56mm/.223) varieties. I am also well-stocked WRT magazines and ammo boxes. I also have enough material/inventory to produce [undisclosed number] rounds of the above should I exhaust my factory-manufactured compliment. Two of my best friends (father/son duo) also have enough inventory for [undisclosed number] rounds of the above, to include mostly 9mm for pistol.

And the WONDERFUL thing is, even with our numbers combined, I'm CERTAIN we don't even scratch the surface and are not even a blip on the radar.

I would LOVE to add an AR Pistol to my safe and need to replace my home defense 12 ga. I would also like to add another reloading press to my workbench so that I have one dedicated for my pistol caliber of choice and the other for rifle.

I'm too damn old to go slogging in the front lines, but I can certainly be in the rear with the gear [insert Will Smith joke here] replicating an ammo factory!!! And would be HONORED to do so!!!

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Like Scooter above, more than enough for the rest of my life in my primary calibers. I worry about how to get rid of it all If I have any forewarning at all.
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Yeah, I'm good, been stocking on mags when they were on sale, same for ammo.

Buying when I could, not when I had to!

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Shotgun Shells - Specifically 00 Buckshot and Slugs. Six weeks ago I could carry what I had in my four cargo shorts pockets - BUT - after spending a significant amount of time in the rifle/shotgun forum, I realized that if I am going to utilize a shotgun for my secondary line of home defense, I needed some ammo.

Here is a link that forum member Ronin101 kindly provided that would allow you to pick up 250 rounds of 00 Buckshot for $120.00, which is a SUPER price. This is worth a look.
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I am OK with the magazines for my rifles and pistols. Just enough ammo for what we need in case of domestic disturbance. Still trying to buy few boxes here and there, when funds allow. But yeah. We need to be prepared.

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I'M well stocked.

Best regards,


I have no comment at this time.
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I’ve been stocking up on 22lr, 12ga buckshot, 9mm and 308. I don’t have nearly enough but I have been buying at least a box of ammo every week for months.


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and this little pig said:
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Get what you need

And more!!!! I reload so I have a healthy stock in many calibers. Yesterday, I was cleaning up my shed (reloading workshop) and found about 2K more assorted rounds.

Recently bought a Ruger PCC in 9mm. It's all sighted in and ready to roll!
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I picked up a T-Rex Arms Ready Rig to have something to keep mags on my person in an emergency.
It goes on really fast and is super customizable for size.
It's low profile enough to wear under a jacket too.
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I've been stocking up since the Obama days. My 1st P220R is what brought to this forum back then. I've traded off some ammo for various things but I wouldn't mind picking up a few cases for fun.

Thanks Para, just ordered more 9mm, 5.56, and 300 blackout LOL.

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When I first joined this fine group I remember Para starting a similar thread and so began my never ending quest to acquire an “adequate supply” of ammo etc.

A few years later with additional things happening in the world the discussion was raised again and this time I set out in earnest to acquire an “adequate supply” but I also started to simplify my arsenal. Now my stocks are concentrated in 5.56 (mostly from IMI), 9mm and the lowly .22LR.

We moved a year or two ago and of course I had to move my “adequate supply” and I believe I have reached that status, thanks to Para’s initial and subsequent threads.


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I have enough M193 to conduct combat action for about an hour. It’ll be over before then I’m sure.
One way or the other.

I have 2 LBV with 8 mags each already set to go.

Enough 22lr to barter far far into TEOTWAWKI such that my kid will be a warlord leader

Couple of other calibers.

All in 30 cal ammo cans so anyone can carry them. It’ll make one layer in the bed of my truck. But it’s not enough.

We can always strip the dead, if we make it.

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I feel adequate in my stock of ammo, particularly 5.56. That's not to say I couldn't use more, but I'm not stressed over it.

What I am most certainly inadequate in though are spare parts for my firearms. I really am in short supply of anything needed to make simple repairs on my carry pistol and any of my rifles. I need to remedy that.


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AR mags I’m more than covered, back when you could get great condition mil specs for $5 I stocked up. Same for AK mags. I have what I consider an adequate or more supply of 5.56, but can always use more. For 9mm am more than set, always buy when I find it. Luckily I landed on some high quality 12gauge and loaded up to feed the SBS’s. I’m comfortable with what I have compared to a few years ago, but there is always room to improve. Good advice in this thread.
Edited to add I have spare bcg’s and parts for the ARs.
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I'm good on everything except .38 Special .
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I have been buying and stocking ammo in dribs and drabs for several years. 9mm Luger for carry pistols (emphasis on this because I can always have a handgun on me), 5.56 in M193 and some M855 for an AR, 12-gauge buckshot and some slugs for a shotgun, .22LR. Also extra magazines for both pistols and rifle. I think I have enough for my needs at this time. Where I live has had a few protests, but nothing close to violent. Still, the odds are not zero.
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