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Naturally, we don't want to get too specific on a public forum, but how are you fixed for ammunition? The serious kind. The question is rhetorical. Please, no bragging or exaggerated claims. I do not pose this question in search of a winner, but rather to urge members (and readers) to make hay while the sun shines.

There are an estimated 500 million firearms in the United States, and some 25 million of those are AR-15s, but those rifles are nothing more than awkward clubs without ammunition (and magazines).

And now the world finds itself in conditions more precarious than anytime since September 11th.

If you value your life and the lives of your family, you should be stocking up on rifle and pistol ammunition, and shotgun ammo, too.

How much do you need? More than you likely have right now. I know a certain someone Roll Eyes who has approximately 5K 5.56/.223; 1.5K 7.62x51; 5K 9x19 and he still feels this is inadequate. After all, one never knows what new legislation is right around the corner.

Gentlemen, listen to me, please: take stock and buy ammunition right now. Today.

Also, magazines. If you own an AR-15 and you have half a dozen magazines for it, you are doing yourself a disservice. When the time comes that you realize you haven't enough, it will be too late to obtain more. You should have a minimum of two dozen quality AR magazines (and more, if you have more than one rifle)- Pmags, USGI aluminum (Okay mags are preferable, but Labelle work, too), Lancers. Get yourself an UPLULA loader.

Spare parts. AR-15 bolts, extractors, firing pins, etc.

The same applies for AK shooters, and all other platforms.

You need a way to carry magazines on your person (and you Goddamn well better have a decent sling on your rifle). I have a three mag bandolier that straps on to my body, as well as an additional six mag carrier with an over the shoulder sling. In this way, I can have ten 30 round magazines on my person (one in the rifle).

You don't need a dedicated carrier. You can buy something like this well-made Helikon-Tex Bushcraft Satchel which has plenty of room and a couple of pockets. You can load it up with magazines and have room for a canteen, a snack, Israeli bandage and a good tourniquet. A charger for your phone, things like that, but careful about weighing yourself down. When empty, this satchel scrunches down to nothing, and again I say it is very well-made, well worth the asking price.

Eyewear- you don't need to get fancy. A 5 dollar pair of safety glasses will do.

A sweat band or bandana to keep the sweat out of your eyes.

Knee pads- make your own jokes.

Guys, get yourself ready. Buy. Ammunition.

This isn't play time. We're not kids in the backyard dreaming of playing Army men. Danger is all around. I feel almost silly saying it because it sounds melodramatic, but damn if it isn't true.

Take stock. Get what you need. Keep your rifle with you whenever possible. Take your rifle to the range. Make sure it's sighted in.

Take it home, clean it, lube it, and load it. Be ready.

Many of you already have all of this covered, but many of you do not.


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Not enough

I was in the habit of buying a magazine [PMag 20 or 30] every time I bought any qty of ammo for the AR.
Kept me from having loose ammo around & added an additional loaded mag to the group.

Need to get back to it.

On the pistol side, 357Sig is getting tougher to find locally & the little around is usually exorbitantly priced.
Might look into getting a 9mm conversion back for the 320.

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I could use a few more M1A and Glock 30 magazines. I am in a good position on all others.

Only 200 rds ea of 270 Win and 45-70 but I am OK with that amount.

A little low on 38 Sp, 357 Mag & 357 SIG.

I am in a good position on all other rifle, handgun, and shotgun rounds.
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I have "a fair bit" of ammo, but not enough to be completely comfortable. I also need things like spare bolts and BCGs, spring kits, etc.

I'd never turn down more 7.62, 5.56, 9mm, .40 or .45, but except for .45, I'm not really short on any of those. I can hold out for weeks with .22LR. Got nearly a lifetime supply of that, and pistols, revolvers, autos, and bolt guns that eat it. It's not a vehicle stopper, but it's not nothing either.

I'm pretty good on the pistol end of things from a redundancy standpoint, but need to supplement the rifle end. In fact, an extra full upper or two wouldn't go amiss.

ETA: I'm good on magazines. I have ample for AR, FAL, M1, 228, 229, 1911 and SigPro.

Hell, if the bottom falls out, I've got hundreds of rounds of 8mm, and a pair of Mausers.

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Been a while since I inventoried, but I have been laying in reloading supplies, mostly pistol. Guess I need to get serious about some rifle caliber dies as well.

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Ice age heat wave,
cant complain.
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Disproportionately covered on the ammo side. I lack almost ANY spare parts, aside from spare guns themselves. Probably need to look in to that further.

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I'm covered and have components to make a bunch more. not posting numbers though. set up to load 9mm .223. 12 gauge. dont have any spare parts but I have a few spare guns Wink

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Thank you
Very little
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Not enough, need more mags, maybe time to pare down the variety of fire arms into more similar platforms with more mags and ammo is what I read between the lines.

Perhaps it doesn't do to have 3 P320 mags, 4 S&W, 8 1911 and 12 glock, get more of one platforms mags. Considering picking up a carbine type rifle that uses those same mags.
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Ammo NOT already loaded in magazines:
North of 12k of 5.56
Well North of 7k 9mm
^^My primary calibers^^
Maybe 2.5k of .45ACP, 44mag, 357SIG, 38/357, 22lr, 300BLK, 7.62x39(only weapon I only own 1 example of)
A minimum of 1k for misc weapons I only own in one caliber

For rifles, no less than 20 loaded for each, plus pre-loaded chest rigs in varying capacities for 3, 4, and 6 mags.
For pistols, no less than 7 for each weapon that uses them, loaded and assigned to each one individually, minimum. Perhaps 12 loaded for an MPX. + Belts, belts, belts.
I'm not even sure how many loaded 9mm Glock 17/19 mags I own, A lot, simply because the 17's are interchangeable between the 17, 19, and 34. Truly a beauty of the Glock system.

Multiple Uplula's for pistol, MPX, and AR mags.

Does NOT include the rather large pile of 12ga stuff I have laying around.
And no, I don't think the above is "really" enough...

And yes, the satchel Para linked is a quality product. Wink


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I’ve got enough to feed each weapon in conflict for 60 days. Or enough for a couple of weapons for a year. I also have ammunition to barter/trade with. I just moved it all in military ammo cans from Utah to Tennessee.

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I had these same concerns and earlier this year replenished stock that had gone down during the Covid years, mostly 9 mm and 223 Rem. Don't really want to give exact numbers, but about where I want to be.

Buying ammo in California is now very inconvenient and expensive. You must go through a backround check. You can no longer buy online and ship directly to your address; online purchases must be shipped to an FFL. You cannot personally purchase out-of-state and bring it back home either.

As for the rest like paraphernalia and gear...I had gotten to the point of wondering if I'd gone a little overboard with the pouches and tactical vests and slings and load-bearing harnesses and spare gun parts. With the way things are in the world lately, maybe it wasn't so excessive after all.

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HRK touched on this -
If you need to consolidate calibers just do it.

When my sons were younger teaching and training utilized 22lr. Perfect.

Now it's 9 and 223.

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blame canada
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I think I might actually have enough. I'm not naive enough to think I'm going to survive more than a handful of engagements. I have enough to do my part in dealing with overreaching overlords should they come knocking. I probably have enough to take a couple to them. What I don't have, is enough to practice like my life is going to depend on it (1,000 round range sessions on a regular, 1-2 times a week basis).

I've got a mantis, and I've stayed at a holiday inn express a few times on a GOV dime.

Seriously though, I've been screaming this to everyone who will listen. Buy it now. Buy as much as you possibly can't afford, NOW.

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I am good except for good knee pads, but my knees told me to get some, the last time I kneeled down on the garage floor when working.

Dang they got boney in their old age.

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Thank you
Very little
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While you are loading up on ammo and mags, look at getting a loader for the AK/AR platform mags, I grabbed a Podavich loader and it makes refilling those magazines a snap.

Won't matter if you have 15,000 rounds of anything if you don't have a quick way to reload those magazines.
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I'm in good shape on actual ammo but appreciate the thread and do need to address spare parts and gear. I'm set up for recreational shooting.
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Wait, what?
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I have a reasonable amount of rifle and plenty of handgun. I have some reloading ability with lots of projectiles and cases but am woefully short on primers and powder. I need to invest in a decent set of rifle plates to go with my external vest and mag carrier combo. I also have a killer set of home made 3-D camo if I need to hit the brush.

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Para, thanks to a similar thread you posted during probably the Obama administration after a shortage had relaxed, I stocked up.

Right now I have a lifetime supply for recreational shooting, except for .22lr . In times of civil conflict, idk what is a good supply. IRL it seems unlikely I would survive more than a few magazines worth in a shooting conflict.

Spare parts is a weakness for me, so thanks for that suggestion.

We've been working on general food supplies etc, which are equally important as defensive tools. For those who haven't started stockpiling, a good process is to first plan for a 72 hour problem (blizzard, power outage, etc), then improve that to 1 month. Then go out to 6 months. It is simpler than one might imagine.
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I have enough Handgun and Rifle ammo to last me for the rest of my life. That's a tiny benefit of getting older. Shotgun is a continuing problem because I shoot competitive Skeet. When you go thru roughly 14,000 shot shells per year keeping enough components on hand can be a problem.

I've stopped counting.
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