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It's not worth driving out of your way for a penny a gallon, but I'm currently seeing $0.20 per gallon difference between top tiers in my area and occasionally I see $0.30 per gallon spread.

I use about 12 gallons a week. Using a $.20-$.30 spread, that's about $2.40-$3.60 a week or $124.80-$187.2 a year assuming I'm getting the top end of that spread every time.

In the grand scheme of what we're talking about, that is still not worth my time driving out of my way for.


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I have an 80 mile commute to work, so yeah I do pay attention. I get paid very well so it’s not an extreme concern for me…but I have a feeling that what we saw last summer is nothing compared to what we will see in a few months. Prices here in Milwaukee have jumped $.30 in the last week and this doesn’t bode well for me since I just traded in a Subaru Forester for a Jeep Wrangler.

The main reason prices came down from the $5+ per gallon last summer is because the sleepy dipshit has injected a ton of crude from out strategic reserve in an effort to bring down prices in time for the midterm elections. Unfortunately the strategy worked…but it’s left our strategic reserve at a level that is the lowest it’s been in decades. He just released some more so that leaves us with even less…but gas prices still went up. Not looking good. Hope I’m wrong.
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Originally posted by synthplayer:
There's a chain of grocery stores here in California called "Safeway." Some of them sell gasoline, and they have the best prices anywhere. At the Safeway I frequent, there's a Shell gas station across the street.

Safeway: $3.79
Shell: $4.79

Bay Area gas prices have't dipped below $4 in nearly a month and have averaged over $4 for several years now...where is THIS Safeway you're seeing such prices?
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I still pay attention to the prices and shop around. I am down to 800-900 miles per week. Costco is not always the best deal on regular.
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When I lived in Portland I always went to Costco for gas, but I lived like 4 miles from the store. Now I live 60 miles away, so I only go to Costco when I'm over in Boise anyway. Otherwise I stop at whichever local place seems to have the lowest price, but I won't drive all over town searching for the lowest one.

All that said, when I ordered my new truck last summer I ordered it with the optional 36 gallon tank. I took delivery of it at the end of October. I moved over here in November and other than a couple of trips back to Portland (family) I think I've only filled it up about twice since I've been here. That will change when spring starts to turn into summer and I start getting out more to recreate.
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Yes I know when gas prices go up or down by the final amount it takes to fill my tank, but I also couldn’t tell you whether the station we use is more or less than any other in the area. We have two vehicles that require premium gas and always use top tier fuel. I completely understand where you are coming from and I couldn’t tell you what the price per gallon is that we pay. I do notice that the final tally at the pumps is eating into my range ammo money and that pisses me off.

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I notice gas prices every time I drive by one of the stations I buy from. I use only top tier gas which in my area QuikTrip is reasonably priced for top tier gas. I could find lower priced gas (Sam's, WalMart etc.) but I stick with top tier and pay the extra couple of cents per gal.

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I don't pay attention but I do fill up at Costco if I happen to be shopping there. It's usually around $0.25/gal cheaper than local gas stations.
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Originally posted by 12131:
Sorry, but you are paying attention to gas prices, even if you pretend you're not.

No, when I say I don’t pay attention I mean I don’t pay attention. You can pretend you are correct, but that doesn’t make it true. When I leave the station, I couldn’t tell you what the price per gallon is. The only exception to that would be if I happen to see the price as I am looking for a button to push. I have no reason to bullshit you. It’s just one of those things about me.
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I purchase it at Costco. It is what it is at Costco and I don't shop for it elsewhere.
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I pay attention. Both of the cars require unleaded premium. Kroger fuel points offset the ridiculous prices we are seeing this year. Fortunately, we drive a lot less than before the pandemic. Every so often a tank of premium brands like Philips 66 or Shell go through for the additives, but we're still going through a tank every 8 - 10 weeks, depending on vacation plans.

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but we're still going through a tank every 8 - 10 weeks

Wow. I can not imagine. I wouldn't pay attention to prices at all if that's what I was using. I go through 35 gallons of diesel every 5 days. Today alone, I drove 140 miles.
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I do not look at the prie of gas because I always go to Costco using my business credit card with the reward discount. I have not for years been to another gas station as have not been traveling. And when traveling, I stop for convience ... not price. Does not matter what others think if I Iook at the price ... I do not.
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