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Does anyone here use an Apple AirTag to keep track of a pet? Login/Join 
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Bought some Samsung units for my Android but really haven't put them to the test.
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Sister uses an Amazon Tile on her dog’s collar . I think her dog is currently on the third one in two years. Her Lab spends a lot of time swimming in the pond.
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Not really a story about pets, but more about the successfulness of tracking something down with an AirTag. My son “misplaced” his saxophone at a competition one weekend. He didn’t realize it wasn’t on the school’s equipment trailer until the next day. We were able to track down the saxophone to a car at a local sports facility. After getting LE involved, they found the kid in the sports facility that had “accidentally” picked up the saxophone case and had it in his car. He was also at the competition the night before and thought it was one of his friend’s instruments. $25 AirTag saved us couple $1000 having to replace his saxophone. No, his case was not labeled with his name or phone number. Yes, it is very much labeled now!

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There is an AirTag hidden in a SafePacker along with my P245. If I go into the Post Office or any other "forbidden" place, I leave the SafePacker locked in the car. I get an Apple notification, telling me that I have left it behind.

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Yes, I have them on both of my dogs and they work as long as there are people with Apple phones in the vicinity. On long Island they work great. I have noticed that in Upstate NY near Cayuga Lake, not as well. Less Iphone users to relay the signal. I have them in my backpacks as well. The more dense the population, the better they work.

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Just a cautionary tale.

We have 2 Golden Retrievers and put an AirTag on the collar of each one. The younger of the 2 (2 years old) somehow ripped the air tag off the older one while playing and swallowed it. She had it in her mouth and when I said drop it she swallowed it.

They contain coin batteries. I am not sure if it would be insulated enough to pass through without causing a problem but we didn't take any chances. I gave her a little hydrogen peroxide and she threw it and dinner up. We no longer have the air tags on them.

I know people who use them and I am sure it wouldn't be a problem with a cat but may be an issue with some dogs.
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My Mom put one in my Dads truck, I guess that counts as a pet.
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