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I have Pirelli's on now and have beem pleased. Any suggestions for 245/45R20's?
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Michelin Pilot Sport AS4

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I've been very happy with the Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ we have on our Flex.
I believe they've been succeeded by the AS4 now.

Excellent heavy water traction (Houston downpours)
No issue in the just below freezing driving in Flagstaff on our trip from CA to TX a couple years ago.

On my Mercedes I had Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS
Not quite as good as the Michelin, but still a good tire & miles better than the runflat Continentals that were OE for the car.

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My car has some pretty strange sizes and had worn Michelin Pilot SuperSports since I wore the first set of Dunlop run flats it came with from the factory. On the last go around about a years ago I wasn’t able to source a set of Michelin tires or many other brands I would have been comfortable purchasing. I ended up with a set of Continental Extreme Contact sport tires and I have been extremely pleased to date. Check availability with your tire supplier before getting your heart set on something currently unobtainable.

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Thank you
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Link on Tires

Lots of options, from big bucks to less sort it as you like. Click the options to narrow it down and read up.

As a Costco member I'd check for Michelins they usually have a deal, right now it's $150 off on 4 new tires, install includes nitrogen, install, mount balance, disposal...

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Look at the Nokian zLine A/S.
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Here in PNW I really like the Michelin Crossclimate 2 for my daily driver.

I put Michelin Pilot Sport all season 4 RF on the Corvette and like them a bunch, but I don't drive it in stormy weather to can't really compare the two in bad conditions.
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For real?
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I had Michelin Pilot AS3+ on my last car and when it came time for my current car I wanted the CrossClimate2s but they didn't have my size. I ended up with the Pilot Sport All Season 4s and they're amazing.

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I have Michelin Cross Climate 2's on my Honda CRV. Purchased through Costco ,they have been great for the 30K miles I have on them, showing very little wear, good traction in all conditions.

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Originally posted by YellowJacket:
Michelin Pilot Sport AS4

I’ve got the 18s on my Audi and I love them. Much better ride, grip, and comfort in all seasons than the Pirelli Cinturatos that replaced them.

If you’re wanting a cushier ride while still having grip, Michelin CrossClimate2 is a great one to look at.
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