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Mr. Burton and others if you can let me know the best range in the nearby area I would greatly appreciate it.

Nothing too crazy needed. Much prefer outdoor and rarely shoot past 100 yards.

Need to sight in a few rifles and pistol, and would love to be able to introduce the wife to shooting before going back overseas.

I've read reviews online but still can't get a good feeling about which I should visit first.

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If you can live with just pistols and PCC then check out Monocacy Pistol Club in Frederick. It is fantastic and dirt cheap. Good members, I miss them which is one of the few things I miss from my time up there.

Next door to MPC is Cresap Gun Club. Open to public on weekends, rifles and pistols. A bit on the range nazi side so I stopped going but being open to the public it is understandable.

Up in Thurmont there is another range. I can’t think of the name but there are a bunch of them. We have all heard of them. As soon as you say it I will go “that’s it”.
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There’s Associated Gun Club (AGC) in marriotsville.
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I live near you and used to go to On Target near Fort Meade. It became a little run down and I haven't been there in a while. It is not bad during the weekdays but it gets crowded on the weekend. It is just a pistol range and also allows pistol caliber rifles.

I went to Guntry in Owings Mills a few years ago after it opened for business. It is a very nice indoor pistol and rifle range and is well run.

I also go to an outdoor range that is about a 90 minute drive on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It is open to the public and is a decent range.

The NRA range in Virginia is about a 90 minute drive. It is a well run indoor pistol and rifle range.

If you want to shoot sporting clays, this is a nice place on the Eastern Shore:

This is a closer shotgun sports facility and is worth a visit:

All of these places are open to the public.
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I think On Target is closed right now. Info I heard was that Cindy's in Glen Burnie bought On Target and it is in the process of a major renovation.
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Much prefer outdoor and rarely shoot past 100 yards.

I used to go to Clark Bros in Warrenton, VA with my bro-in-law.

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IIRC, Stephen HUnter used to shoot at On Target.

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