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I Am The Walrus
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Originally posted by mark123:
I think I'm going to use a Strat with Lollar Blackface pickups into an AC30 as the other guy is a Les Paul into a Marshall guy. I just don't really like any pedals with the Vox, especially up front. Maybe just a compressor. I may bring an extra cabinet if I can't hear myself though.

That sounds like a great combination right there. I've never played anything with Lollar's but I know they have a great reputation. The Strat and AC30 speak for themselves, legendary histories for them.

I just got a cheap Tele a few months ago, still searching for a proper amp and the neck pickup is weak. Was looking at Fralins as a replacement.


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Have fun and good luck.

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Best of luck, and please keep us updated. You're doing this for the groupies, right?
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You're gonna get all the chicks

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Hope you crush it!
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That's awesome. I wish I could play casual gigs when I retire but alas my only skill is to be in the audience.

Looking forward to youtube videos of you on stage. Smile My kind of music too.

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Right on!
I'm 44 and am getting the itch to jam with buddies again too.
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I’m 71 and played out twice last month. It’s still as fun as ever. Put lots of time into the finger work and scales on the neck. Don’t worry. Just enjoy.

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Have fun, Mark

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Well, the other guitar player has the Rona so everything got delayed. Maybe soon.
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Hell, I am 65 and am trying to convince the Wife I need a new Amp!!!!!
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