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I'm not familiar with this. What exactly is the driver doing that makes it so skillful? Shifting? holding the wheel straight? I'm not being a smartass, I'm genuinely curious to see what exactly is the skill here to go in a straight line for 3.7 seconds.
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Originally posted by Lefty Sig:
When Danica Patrick started in IndyCar, at least one other driver complained that she had a weight advantage. And when you are talking about hundredths of a second determining the outcome of a some races, weighing 50 lbs less than your opponent might actually help.

And having greater upper body strength is an advantage most male drivers would have had over Danica.

While Danica's racing abilities were what kept her from winning and being out front.
In my opinion, she did not have the grit (courage or lack of fear) to press beyond the edge of her ability and learn to overcome that and drive to the edge of the vehicle/track. She held back. It happens to many who race.

Similar to the military pilot programs. Designed to cut those that cannot hack it. It may seem less than "scientific", but put the controls in the person's hand and see how they do, good instructors (and more than one) observing, can tell pretty fast, who will make it and who will not, and the continued training culls more.

Yes, a few end up in cockpits, and some even make it a career, but they are never the "front" leading, they just "follow the pack and finish the race", those who push hard, and push themselves to their limits, prevail.

(and some die trying)

The OP's point, is that given the "equity" in getting the drivers, both men and women, to the tree in NHRA, is the same for the guys and the gals.

The gals then dominating is to their credit and abilities as drivers. And no argument that "all things being equal" they are winning.

I am three generations of professional drag racing, engineering and innovation.

My hat (helmet) off to the Force women.

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My hat (helmet) off to the Force women.

Same here.

And why not, they put up with John "Motormouth" Force.

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Originally posted by old dino:

However ...women are still making into the pitcrew.

There's a few in F1 too. On the Aston Martin (Formerly Racing Point/Force India) pit crew.

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