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Couple Lives Permanently On A Cruise Ship Because It’s Cheaper Than Paying For A Mortgage Login/Join 
Don't Panic
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Seems they forgot to factor in the potential growth of the home they aren't buying.

Money paid as rent/cruise fare isn't building any equity.
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what could possibly go wrong?

think of the fashion accessories...........

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A life of only superficial and brief "friendships", no hobbies, and as mentioned above--all the world's tourist traps: Ketchikan, Cozumel, you name it. Sounds like Groundhog Day without Andie McDowell.

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Savor the limelight
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Originally posted by jhe888:
Live my life in a a 12x16 room and on the Lido deck?

No thanks.

Come on, man. Shuffleboard!
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Wasnt there a really great cruise ship story awhile back about liquid poop running down the walls? That sounds fun! Roll Eyes

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To be fair, that's always a potential at a nursing home as well...
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I have actually met someone (while I was on a cruise) that does this.

Yes, having no mortgage seems cheaper than $43 per day, but, that $43/day includes virtually limitless dining (you can eat 24/7 on the ship) with your stateroom accommodations.

Also, if you are doing this on a 'regular' cruise line (not the condo-at-sea, the aforementioned 'World'), you do have to disembark from the ship each time the cruise ends. You get off the ship, go spend half a day doing stuff at that particular port of call; later that day, you re board with the new cruisers. The individual I spoke with said that it is definitely not for everyone. She said that she met a couple that had been doing it for about 4 months, but they told her that they missed their grand kids too much and were giving up on full time cruising.

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Naw...I'd miss my guns too much.

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Subjective, but sounds like punishment to me.
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Originally posted by 1s1k:
I read an article that a bunch of people bought nice boats and just paid slip fees and lived on them in California much cheaper than buying a house.

I was hauling my boat last week and someone had purchased an old wooden unseaworthy 60 footer for little or nothing, and backed it up to a beautiful water view in the yard. The hull was rotten, but the decks and above were beautiful. Costs him about $300/month for his spot.

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Originally posted by bdylan:
Subjective, but sounds like punishment to me.

Me too. If I can't swim to shore I ain't going. when I was younger I was an avid white water kayaker, and I have a canoe, but I will NOT get on a ship or even a fishing boat & go out on the ocean. Nope! Nope, nope, nope!

Being on a ship is like being in a jail, only with a big chance of drowning thrown in.


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And what about your guns and where to shoot them? Not for me.

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How about when they get divorced? One of them will leave the other, because they're tired of their ship.

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We did a Caribbean cruise out of Ft Lauderdale about 5 years ago (which I will never be enticed to do again) and met a couple in their 70's who had been living on cruise ships for years. They would get off one ship and right onto another and off they would go again. They said they loved the lifestyle being treated like royalty by the crews and he told me he was so happy never to have to mow the lawn again.

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I wonder if that $43/day includes all the tipping costs associated with cruises?

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This sounds like a publicity stunt.

How do they entertain? Do they not have friends and family?

They can do this now but once they get older and not able to move around as well or see, it’s not going to work.

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Back in grade school, lo these many years ago, I remember reading the short story by Edward Everett Hale called “The Man Without a Country”.

Whereby as a guilty prisoner, he was condemned to sail on an American warship as a sentence; to never set foot ashore; nor to hear of his homeland again, as punishment for a treasonous act. Eventually, on his deathbed, he is told of happenings in the past 50-odd years while at sea, and is subsequently buried at sea.

Sounds like something similar is in the offing for these folks.

No thank you.


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is circumspective
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Recent events prove another thing to consider is that inflation rates cannot be relied on as a constant in the equation. What happens when $43/day turns into $90/day?

I never cared for cruise ships enough to stay on one for more than a week to satisfy my wife.

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His Royal Hiney
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I saw a tv segment on this; it may fit like lifestyles of the rich and famous but I don't think it was.

They paid for the room like a condo and paid hoa fees. Some people run their businesses from the ship. And they can helo on and off.

Shit, if I wanted to do that, I would have just stayed long enough to retire in the Navy.

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They can do this now but once they get older and not able to move around as well or see, it’s not going to work.

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