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In my never ending effort to complicate my life Razz , I recently opted to add another hound to the family. Everyone, please meet 'Bert' (as in Bert and Ernie), an adoption pup that's become a part of my life. He's about a year plus old, and around 25 pounds of pure piss and vinegar. He's very sweet but knows next to nothing of value. He and I are going to be spending a lot of time together over the coming months having a meeting of the minds.

A special thanks to our own Maestro and his wife for everything they do with Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue. I've dealt with several rescues over the past ten years or so, and this group really has its act together.

Now, let me go see if he's pee'd in my office again. Smile

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Great looking dog. Many fabulous years ahead. Congratulations to all of you!
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Welcome to SIGforum Bert!

Niech Zyje P-220

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So cute!

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the adventure...
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He looks like he’ll be great company for you! Congrats!

Regards From Sunny Tucson,


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Great name!
Congrats and best of luck.

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What a beautiful little guy you have. Congratulations!

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Congrats and good luck,good looking pupper
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I started saying it years ago, and it still rings true... "There's nothing worse than a spoiled beagle." Love a good Beagle, congrats!!


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When I was a little kid our family had a beagle. That SOB could climb a chain link fence just as easily as a monkey could. Wink
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Originally posted by arfmel:

When I was a little kid our family had a beagle. That SOB could climb a chain link fence just as easily as a monkey could. Wink
Yeah, I could not figure out how Woof was getting out of the fenced yard. A neighbor told me that she (Woof, not the neighbor) was climbing the fence. I did not believe that until one day I saw it for myself. She just scrambled up the fence and went about her visits to folks in the neighborhood.

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Ollie says; "Hi Bert, I've got a welcome flower for you. Unfortunately it's stuck on my nose!"

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We've never owned a dog in the hound family, Bert looks like a winner. Best of luck with the training.

I took an Old English Sheepdog through obedience training years ago. It was the best thing I could do to both train the dog and train me as a handler. He became a AKC Companion Dog.

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Looks like a great dog and should develop into a good companion. patience. We have a 11 week old puppy and I remind myself of this every day.

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He's a handsome boy with beagle ears! Enjoy!

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You and your family are going really enjoy Bert. Congrats BigDeal.
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awesome - congrats
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You're lucky. My wife won't allow another dog. But then she's mean (to me and a dog). Not to others.

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Awww. Hi Bert! He looks sweet.

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