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Contemplating the value of carrying a fixed blade knfe in these troubled times Login/Join 
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Originally posted by bigwagon:
How about an old school Gerber Mark 1?

Sweet knife but they are getting expensive for a knife that might not be in a person's possession for too long.

I like that Cold Steel Kobun and it won't break the bank.

I carry folders, like my Emerson CQC-8 (speaking of expensive knives that could get lost). I think I'll take my own advice even tho I really like the Emerson.
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For what you are describing I HIGHLY recommend Morakniv. Very solid beater knives for less than $20. No bells or whistles, just decent steel and a sturdy polymer handle.

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You may want to consider the SOG Seal Team Elite.
7" blade, thick, strong, partially serrated and sheath with Molle attachment.
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Among the "buy once, cry once" thoughts of getting quality gear there is no better maker and no better person than Daniel Winkler, whose forge isnt' far from you (NC). He makes outstanding fixed blades whose durability will put the previous posts to shame. RMJ tactical (TN) makes great stuff too, but for the size you're looking for I would suggest

Winkler SD1 (Standard duty 1)

Standard duty 2 (SD2)

or my new favorite the WK Contingency

You'll never regret one of these, period.

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I love my kobun. Just pulled it out of the safe. Mine was an early edition. Mine was made in China. They are made in Taiwan now. I remember that I could shave my arm with it when it came from the box. I havent used it much but I am happy with the qaulity.

Another one that is a bit more to look at is a Gerber strongarm.
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also I believe the new sheath can mount to tech lock for horizontal belt carry
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I have the smaller version of this and think it would offer what you are trying to achieve within the the same price range.


and John Lovell recommends this:

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I carry a Gerber principle. Excellent fixed blade & just enough length..

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I think a fixed blade is perfect idea for what you are wanting to do with it. I myself have thought about carry a small fixed like a Esee Izula. Not sure the law in NC about fixed.

David W.

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I started carrying one of these:

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I can whole heartedly recommend Esee knives.

They are hand made in the US and offer a lifetime warranty. They are not cheap but as in life you get what you pay for.

Interestingly they offer a buy it before you buy it program so that you can decide which knife works best for you. They also offer military and LE discounts.

I would suggest the ESEE-3 for starters..

If price is your biggest concern (and it shouldn’t be, get a Chinese knife)


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Originally posted by cyanide357:
SOG Pentagon may fit your need.

SOG Pentagon

I have one of the old Seki produced variants, with a thinner tip and less of a leaf shape to the blade, back when they still shipped with a leather sheath. It's my fixed carry blade. I actually want to get one of the newer ones to kind of replace it, as they've got more blade stock near the tip and should theoretically be a bit stronger.

It came down to the Pentagon or the Gerber Guardian or Guardian Backup. I think I went with the SOG mostly because I found a good deal on one.

Originally posted by parabellum:
I don't want anything expensive. Quite the opposite. My requirements for this knife are that it has to be a sticker with a strong point; sufficient blade length; a handle which affords a secure grip in overhand, underhand and dagger positions; a practical sheath; and something which is unlikely to break easily.

Para, the SOG Pentagon meets these requirements, at least for me.

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I second the above suggestion for Mora (Morakniv). Durable, affordable.

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I have plenty of Moras, but did I mention this is intended to be an anti-personnel knife? Moras have fat handles and thin, flexible blades with points that might very well bend or snap off when trying to get through a thick leather coat.

I need something I can strap to my ankle, is flat, and hell for stout.


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Looks like the Kobun can be had for $26.75 if you're willing to wait on the boat ride from China. (Fleabay)


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Originally posted by 95flhr:
What I want is a boot type of knife that is ceramic. Too many metal detectors in my life right now.

I of course cannot speak for all knives with ceramic blades, but I bought one on a whim last year. I have access to a metal detector and tested the knife: BEEP! Evidently there is metal in the handle, and I would be surprised if most such knives aren’t deliberately manufactured so they are detectable.

And as mentioned, they are hardly ideal for anything other than slicing food in the kitchen.

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Cold Steel drop forged hunter is under 40 dollars and solid flat steel.
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There are a few nice ones out there;

Buck: Selkirk or Bucklite Max

Gerber Gator Fixed:

Ontario Khife:
Bushcraft Utility


Some of these may have a bit thicker handle than you are looking for, but I have had good luck with Buck, Gerber and Ontario.

Good luck.

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Here's a Cold Steel knife that is designed for ankle carry for about the same price as the one you're looking at.



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I have carried a Gerber Guardian Backup almost every day for over 20 years. They look to have been discontinued, but can still be found.

Small but just big enough. Great sheath. Not expensive.

I’ve got a Boker that is awesome, but expensive and too big to comfortably carry daily.

The Smith and Wesson boot knife also is worth a look on the “cheap but it’ll work” scale. You could get someone to make a kydex sheath for less combined than most other options out there:

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