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For real?
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Roguejsk: it sounds so fake in my last and current bmw.

This is a screenshot from the demo version (i’m not with my car right now) but it shows you where you need to change it.

If you were local to me I would offer to try it for you before you buy.

I’ve coded a few local people’s cars.

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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
But.... Have you set up launch control yet?

Not yet. No place safe.

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Originally posted by bettysnephew:
My 19 Corvette has technology in the computers that records the number of times it has been reflashed. This is kept track of not only on the engine control computer but also on another (don't remember which one, they're all interlinked) so dealer knows that it has been tuned and then returned to original stock tune when they hook up their monitor. I was told it was instant denial of any engine/transmission drivetrain warranty. Body stuff would still be covered I really suspect GM is not the only one that uses this technology to keep track of what has been done to car. Just remember that the auto companies have many lawyers on staff to make your legal life miserable, how many do you have in your employ, and are your pockets deep enough to fight against them for extended periods while your car sits disabled.

Subaru has been doing this for ages with the WRX. The geniuses are Cobb Tuning (Accessport) have engineered the accessport to reset the checksum to whatever it was prior to marrying the accessport to the car. Once you divorce it, it resets the checksum. This makes it so the dealer doesn’t know you reflashed the ECU.

As far as warranty claims, if the manufacturer denies it, you won’t win. No matter who your attorney is.

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The “lol” thread
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Thank you
Very little
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Sometimes the factories go to far in denying warranty claims, then you get the feds, states, and hungry class action guys on you.

HD has been doing this for years, many dealers have been "voiding" warranties and making people pay for repairs.

Main reason is in some states the factory can set the repair hourly rate, so a warranty job is $50 an hour when their street rate is $100, dealers don't want to do the repair at the lower rate.

Here in FL the law is the factory has to pay whatever the dealer charges, not what they want, so, dealers don't try and weasel out of warranty work, they pursue it, its guaranteed easy money, in fact there's a whole cottage of 3rd party companies that look for warranty work and help dealers contact owners to get them in for the service.

Anyway, federal law prohibits the practice of denial of claims for just any reason, and enough dealers were doing this that the FTC stepped in along with a massive class action.

There are laws regarding warranty and aftermarket work, basically the company has to prove that the aftermarket work caused the damage to deny a claim.

Fun fact of Magnusson Moss, if a dealer tells you that factory parts are required to maintain the warranty (vacuum, car, cordless weed eater) they have to supply those parts to you free of charge. Next time a dealer tells you that just say that's cool, since federal law means you have to provide the parts and service free!

Doesn't mean though they won't try, best to find a dealer, talk to them about coding and if they have issues regarding warranty and coding and if they do, find another dealer that doesn't care.

FTC vs Harley Warranty

Class action against Harley on Warranty policy

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Is there a similar program for Hondas? The Wife just got a new-to-us Pilot and there is some stuff we would prefer to adjust that doesn’t seem to be in the regular menus.

- Bret
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I just put my 230i in sport mode every time I start it. Auto stop start is even worse with a manual transmission.

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Thanks guys. At some point, I'm probably gonna give it a try. There's a few other little tweaks I may make too.
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I've changed numerous things on my last two VW's with Ross-Tech's VCDS app. Can be a little scary at times depending on what you're fooling with but I always keep track of what it was beforehand and what is changing, etc.

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