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Just because something is legal to do doesn't mean it is the smart thing to do.
Looking to understand what it takes to transfer guns to a family member in Colorado from out of state. Hand & long guns.
2 main methods in question:
1. Colorado resident drives to another state and picks up some firearms from a family member.
2. Out of state family member drives to Colorado with firearms and gives them to the Colorado resident.

Or does it have to be through an ffl?

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"Drives" is the key word here AFAIAC. Don't ask, don't tell.
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I believe the law requires it to be done through a FFL.
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Colorado passed a law a couple years back that all firearm transactions are required to go thru an FFL for the background check.

Any magazines over 15 rounds are no longer legal to be purchased. Current magazines in possession are grandfathered in.

It may be better for the out of state family member drive to Colorado to deliver the firearms to the FFL as a transfer receipt may need to be signed. I had to have a sale transfer receipt when I bought a gun from a friend last year.

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What bigwagon said.


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Unless an immediate family member, and still, the family member may have to reside in CO, This will most likely require an ffl in each state or at least a CO ffl that accepts from non-ffl.

I don't believe you could cross state lines to do business in the CO ffl.

I would reccomend the ffls to do the transferring via ups/usps especially if any of the weapons could possibly be involved in a use of force defense.
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I have to ask,
"Snowmobile (permit for predator control required)"

You can't carry a gun on a snowmoble, I'm I reading this right ?

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IIRC, since July 1, 2013 all firearms transfers in Colorado require the background check which means involving a FFL holder. This includes temporary transfers such as loaning a firearm to a family member for use during a hunting trip, etc.

Since 1968 we have generally been limited to firearms purchases within our state of residence (Gun Control Act of 1968, some exceptions but the general rule applies in most cases). Driving out of state to acquire a firearm might involve a violation of GCA-68. Selling or purchasing a firearm privately outside your state of residence could expose you to prosecution.

No, I don't like it either, but why invite .gov into your life? A few bucks paid to a FFL dealer to document the transaction certainly beats paying a lawyer to defend you at the courthouse.

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Did this member live in MI when legal to own said firearm? Say a 25 y/o child recently moved to CO? Could you be bringing them a gun you already gave them a few years ago?

Regarding out of State FFLs for transfers, twice I set the gun on the counter for a transfer, wasn’t shipped in. Once as the seller, second on as the buyer. If you get the right FFL, they shouldn’t care if the gun is shipped in or brought in by an individual, check ahead of time.

Yes, most FFLs don’t like to be ‘rushed’, transaction could take a day or two, regardless of required waiting periods.
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Under federal law, any firearm transfer from out of state has to go through an FFL. CO resident can obtain long gun in another state (through FFL) and bring it back. Handgun has go through FFL in CO. CO may have additional requirements, but certainly a CO FFL will know.

That’s a 10 year federal felony, so make your own decisions with “don’t ask don’t tell”
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