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I cut the cable (sort of) months ago by dropping TV from our Comcrap (apologies to our resident Comcast employee, no disrespect for you intended) account, which is about the only real high speed internet option sufficient for our needs. Grudgingly signed up for Disney+, HBO Max, and we got an assortment of SlingTV and some other apps that play on our smart TVs, phones and tablets, and Roku devices for the dumb TVs. I haven’t watched the news since and it’s dropped my blood pressure some but it’s being jacked back up by politics rear ending the US Constitution and all those who believe in it. Sling has Faux News, CNN, and Newsmax but I just blast past all of them. I wish some Constitutionalist would start up a media giant to provide something for a replacement for Fooltube, major news media, and social media. I know there are some grass roots apps out there but I’d like to see major competition to that media many of us see through.
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Originally posted by recoatlift:
I only care for the local news…county news is too much for me.

My "local" news (both former newspaper and TV local news) is mostly owned by a single family (Newhouse family, now calling themselves "Advance Publications") who own over a surprisingly large amount of similar media companies in many other towns and cities. Once you look up who owns your local folks you will likely be astounded.

Sadly, my local news has an Anti-gun agenda.
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The local Yoop TV Station (WLUC) is owned by Gray Communications Systems.
93 "markets" in 36 states. Reaches 24% of the US population. So they say.
If you are in Alaska, it looks like they own all the TV stations there.

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Thanks for this Para!

As many have said, your words are spot on. I really enjoy your concise thought process and how you lay things out.

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Thanks for posting this.

The guys doing Rush’s show we’re talking about this as I left the office. Reading 911 call timelines and saying things like, “Think about that! An HOUR with this psycho waiting for the police to save them..”

I barely had it on for 2 minutes before I had to turn it off.

Yeah. It breaks my heart. Why are you ghouls filling your airtime trying to drum up emotion and doing the exact thing you cry about every politician doing after something like this…

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