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Personally I like simplicity, and I didn't like the idea of carrying something metal in my back pocket to sit on. As such, I bought one of these and have been very happy with it. EZGO Wallet.

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I currently use for the last 5 years, an old Countycomm NY-LA wallet that is no longer in production. Once that wears out, I will probably get one of these since it's very similar design, but much better built.
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I carry this:

I wanted as minimal as possible. License, LCTF, a couple cards, registration and insurance. Organized and easy access.

I looked at the Ridge, pulling out all cards to get at one doesn't work for me.
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Yes, very compact
The downside is spreading it apart to access your cards. the "colors are just a thin Plate, covering a 1/16" piece of poly.
I didn't pay anything near that price for my carbon fiber version.
I would never buy one for more than $15. eBay is a better source.


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I’ve been carrying a saddleback for several years.

I tried a Ridge-like wallet for a bit. I, too, prefer something a bit more “bend-y” in my pocket.

Only issue I see is that you’ll have to carry a separate roll of $1 bills for the “gentleman’s club” as you can’t carry very many bills in it.
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I have had a Ridge carbon fiber wallet for 4-5 years. Wife got it for me as a gift. I love it. Carries 6-7 cards and my cash, that is all I need. I have dropped it on concrete many times, and it does not have a scratch. Mine has the money band, not the clip.

A couple of times I have thought about buying a metal one just to have a different look, but the carbon one has held up so well I have not been able to justify it.
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I bought one about a year ago now. Do not miss a leather wallet even a little bit. Typically I carry it in my pants “watch pocket”. My hotel keys never erase anymore and I don’t get paranoid about having my wallet and phone in the same pocket anymore. I’m so used to quickly pulling out and then replacing all of my cards I don’t even think about it anymore. I’ll never go back.

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I carry a lot of cards and ID's, wish I didn't have to, but with work travels I'm forced to. Picked up a Bellroy Hide & Seek about a month ago. Very pleased with it, even with all my "stuff" in it, it remains very thin.
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I carry a Ridge Wallet knockoff sold by a vendor at one of our local gun shows. $35.00 and the expanding mesh part that holds the cards is identical to the one Ridge uses, so if yours gets messed up, buy a Ridge one and pop it in. I usually carry 5 cards in it, but it'll easily hold 6 and maybe more. It works very well and in the year or so I've used it I've had no problems or complaints.

Only $35.00 including tax at the show.

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If your looking for that style wallet there are hundreds.

I would look at

I am waiting for the Fantom that works with magsafe on the back of my phone. It is scheduled to be shipped soon

I have stopped carrying a separate wallet for years, I have a card wallet on the back of my phone.
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I wanted to go thin with my wallet so that I could carry it in my front pocket. I bought a Ridge for travel and really didn't like it. I found that pulling cards was too much of a hassle. At the same time, I also bought a Bellroy Slim Sleeve wallet that is now my everyday wallet. I really like it.
You have to make the effort to carry lees in your wallet. If you are one of those guys that carry a wad of cash or have a 2 year old receipt from Pizza Hut in your wallet, look somewhere else. I have a co-worker with a Ridge that is so loaded with cards that it is about the size of a pack of playing cards. That's literally stretching its limits.

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Originally posted by Nickelsig229:
It's very stiff. There is no denying you have a hard piece in your pocket. If you are active or use your pockets to carry things, or like to put your hands in you pockets then this will get on your nerves quick.

I tried it in my back pocket but sitting is a problem and its size makes it easy to slip out.

I like the theory but not the practice of it.

I second this. I think the stacking of the cards makes it feel thicker than the same number of cards stacked with the edges over lapping so that it seems to taper off.

I went with Open Sea leather wallet and love it. It's slim, minimalist, and made by a guy on active duty.

Open Sea Leather Co.

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I received one in carbon fiber as a gift and have been using it for about two years. I generally like it but its far from perfect. It is smaller and slimmer than any leather wallet I have seen. but it is rigid so you know you are sitting on it when its in your back pocket which is slightly annoying. On the other hand I am still using it two years later so not that bad. Also take some getting used to pushing out your credit cards to get at the one you want but I usually only use one card so it stays on the front of the stack at one end and my DL stays on the front of the stack at the other end.
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Originally posted by comet24:
For whatever reason, I am a fan of a good leather wallet.

Don't like all those fancy wallets seems like too much trouble to do something simple.

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I've been carrying one for about a year. Don't care for it, but my youngest daughter researched it and thought it would be great for dad. She was 12 at that point so I've tried not to hurt her.

I had been carrying a Magpul Essential and loved it. I'll be going back to one shortly.
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I went from a bifold to a more Minimalist front pocket wallet with money clip. I love this one and it is very nice looking. I prefer a nice leather look.

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Originally posted by jaaron11:
If you’re looking for a thin wallet, try Flowfold. They are made from sail cloth. I got one based on a thread here a couple years ago and I love it.

Ditto, I burned through one and am on my second one. Just packed it too full. They are relatively cheap and work well for me.

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I got one last Christmas as a gift and have been happy with it. It is much smaller than any other wallet I have had.

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Have you considered the Ocean Pacific rip-resistant nylon with Velcro closure? Chicks dig it, preferably in orange sunset or red. Wink

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I have 2 from Dango that I love.
One is a smaller wallet that only holds a few cards and has a money band. I liked that one so much that I purchased a slightly larger one that is actually a bifold with a small notebook and a nice pen.
Its still in my front pocket but I wear Carharrts all the time so it fits.
They're not cheap though.

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