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The bail for the man accused of running down children and adults in Waukesha was One Thousand Dollars. He was a career criminal and just out of prison for one week. Bail reform AKA low or nonexistent bail has been a leftist cause for some time.
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Yes, and the commie DA is backpedaling saying it was too low and didn't follow proper guidelines. He can smell the liability and the likelihood of losing his job or worse. But this is on him and the other commies that favor "bail reform".

The people can choose not to re-elect him, but even the lunatic Kim Foxx got re-elected in Chicago, legitimately or otherwise.

Meanwhile the MSM is calling it an "accident" instead of an attack. And of course there is no racism angle even though the perp's social media is filled with anti-white hatred.
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You just now figuring this out?
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