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Just a reminder, the image in the photo is an emergency vehicle, a fire truck. They come in various sizes and colors including yellow, red, and green.

If any emergency vehicle including a police car, firetruck, or ambulance has flashing emergency lights activated It is responding to a reported emergency.

Most are aware our main firehouse is located on 17M. There are diagonal yellow stripes located in front of our firehouse. In New York State it is considered a safety zone.

Diagonal Yellow Stripes
also identified as safety zones are yellow painted islands to tell drivers to stay to the right of the diagonal yellow stripes and to not drive on or over them. They are meant to act as imaginary boulevards.

Emergency vehicles are permitted to travel in safety zones and other motorists can only travel in the safety zone when directed to by a police officer or a traffic flagger.

Additionally, as a motorist, when you hear or see an emergency vehicle heading toward your vehicle from any direction, safely pull over immediately to the right edge of the road and stop. Wait until the emergency vehicle passes before you drive on. If you are in an intersection, drive out of it before you pull over.

Remember, you must pull over and stop for an emergency vehicle even if it is headed toward you in the opposite lane of a two-way roadway.

Today, this specific firetruck vehicle was exiting the apron of our firehouse with its red lights and siren activated. It was responding to potentially a serious emergency, an active natural gas leak in the Town of Monroe. Gas leaks can cause explosions.

As our firetruck completed a right turn onto 17M exiting our firehouse a vehicle traveling toward it entered the safety zone in front of our firehouse and collided with our firetruck.

Even after the collision, the other motorist involved remained extremely uncooperative and was what we would consider belligerent.

The actions of the other motorist that continued after the collision prevented our apparatus and firefighters from responding to the emergency. Additional apparatus from our Department had to handle the emergency.

Our crew of firefighters are fine and were not injured.

We believe our local police department took further action against the motorist that collided with our firetruck as a result of the other motorist’s behavior after the collision.

Local motorists, please stay out of the safety zone in front of our firehouse and please yield to emergency vehicles. Should you want to complete a left turn onto Freeland Street, please wait for the left turn lane to start before merging into that lane. It will keep all of us safe and law abiding too.

Stay safe

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Yeah, I saw that video not long ago.

I have no problem with the fire truck driver shoving this asshole all the way back into his mama's 'gina.

And then charging his whole fam damnly 10x the cost of repairs to re-shine the bumper on the Fire Truck.

I have not one speck of tolerance or forgiveness to those that do not get the fuck out of the way, of emergency vee-hicles. None, with a capital 0....

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Unless the cops released the video, the idiot did…. Which is an even more special level of stupid…
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What a maroon...

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Why didn’t they make it to the gas leak? That big truck push his ass back into yesterday snap a pic of his license plate and let the cops deal with him later. Push him back continue on your way, deal with him later. Driver was a major asshole. Or had an aneurysm.
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I was in a high rise fire back in 1989 and was the first to run to the curb to pull the fire alarm. Then I ran to the next one and pulled it, then I ran across the street and pulled those, too.

That triggered pretty much every firehouse in the district.

I could hear the wailing within seconds of pulling the first alarm switch.

Before the first truck arrived, WSBTV Channel 2's Chevy Shoveit was on scene, blocking the driveway as he lept from the car with his camera. People had broken out the windows and were screaming for help.

The first truck to arrive was a hook and ladder rear steer. He hit that Shoveit so hard, it tumbled into the parking lot. The guard shack disintegrated as the truck smashed through. The rear steer operator disengaged the ladder and started lowering the pads and when the truck stopped, it was firmly planted with the ladder going up to the now fully involved 6th floor with the firefighters climbing as it was extending.

The news car just lay there in the grass smashed like a beer can.


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As it should. That’s a real fireman.

My only issue with this event is that somehow this trifle stopped them from getting there. What if the leak actually turned bad and they were needed? They let this event stop them. For no real reason.

If that was my fire house we would learn a lesson from this event. Primarily that getting to the fire is more important than arguing with idiots.
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Originally posted by pedropcola:
Why didn’t they make it to the gas leak? That big truck push his ass back into yesterday snap a pic of his license plate and let the cops deal with him later. Push him back continue on your way, deal with him later. Driver was a major asshole. Or had an aneurysm.

Of the three fire departments I was on all had the policy if we were involved in a collision we could not leave the scene until released by responding LEO.

People are idiots.They can’t be inconvenienced for twenty seconds to cede the right of way to an emergency vehicle but if the call involves them it’s “What took you so long?”

New Mexico state law in the 80’s mandated that when emergency equipment was activated we could exceed the posted limit by ten miles per hour. In truth, do what you have to which we did with reason.

Taking a ground transfer to Albuquerque (85 or so miles) on I-25 guy is in front of me doing 50 in a posted 55 back then. I’m running Code 2 lights only but enough lights to be seen. He’s hanging in the left lane and I “Yelp” him a couple of times. Finally pulls to the right lane, I see his mouth going as he flips me off.

So I give him back the single finger salute and roll. Really hoped that he was going to call my FD to complain but no such luck. I had just the perfect cop to call him back.

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He's the one inside the double double yellow lines. And he doesn't want to back away from the fire truck? What kind of stupid is that?

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The idiot driver has no right of way whatsoever. He was across the double yellow trying to jump traffic to get into a left turn lane past the fire station, it looks like.

I mean, not only do you already need to yield to them, but you sure as shit need to do so when you're already breaking the law and then encounter an emergency vehicle.


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