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Put this in your drain pan and oil won't splatter. There is also a 15-inch round one.
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Originally posted by Bluecobra:
Originally posted by Black92LX:
Originally posted by Bluecobra:
I have been using them on all 4 of my vehicles for years without any problem. My Tundra has one on the oil pan and another of the filter canister. Makes it so much easier. Definitely get the hose end connector so you can slip a piece of hose onto it and direct the drainage where it needs to go.

Do tell me more about using the valve on the canister. Not heard of anyone doing that. How do you get the main housing of the canister off ⅘with the éFumoto on there?

I have the Jowett billet filter cap with the fumoto valve and a big socket for removal. Makes the filter change so much easier.

Ohh yes. I have seen those and did not think about them.
Nice piece. Just kind of expensive. I just replaced the OEM plastic housing with the OEM metal housing.

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I’ve had a Fumoto valve on my Cherokee since I used up the free oil changes I got when I bought it and started doing them myself, so… about 7 years and probably 250K miles with no problem at all. I do use the optional plastic locking clip and had to replace that once, but only because I couldn’t find where I had set the original one down when it was time to close the valve.

No trouble and my hands stay clean.


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I have one on my Excursion. Never failed on me. It takes a long time to drain the oil compared to without it.
If you change your own oil no big deal. But I know the mechanics will remove it to drain the oil.

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I have one on my 2011 Ram Dually, it makes life a lot easier. I slide a 4 gal bucket under and open it up. Than I reach up and get the oil filter from under neath and change it out too.
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I was an industrial mechanic for a large corporation with 1000's of machines and we put them on all of our machines and never saw a failure, without them operator error kept us busy.

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