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Predictable. Maybe they can get it moved to Martha’s Vineyard. The irony is delicious.

Plans to build an affordable housing complex in Nantucket remain in limbo after locals objected to the scheme, insisting the affluent island does not
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It'd piss me off too, so I can't blame them for that. The hypocrisy, however....

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40B is usually pretty tough to stop if you're under your required minimum. And I doubt they have any yet. I am surprised that they are as low as 260k, as the "affordable" amount is usually comparable to local housing prices.

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I guess that all of their “Love Trumps Hate” and “Hate Has No Home Here” yard-signs have reached their expiration dates.

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I have a hard time understanding how billionaires have fought for five years (so far) without success in getting the project canceled. Sounds like a large group of underachievers there. (Mild sarcasm, more to follow). From my experience, living in areas with homes in the $260,000 to $360,000 price range, the new buyers will likely appear to be like ordinary type people. They will likely drive only entry level Mercedes and BMWs. Their children will be less likely to attend Ivy League institutions. They probably don’t even own a sailing yacht. We’ve heard about the dangers from the fire chief. I’ll bet the local Postmaster can warn that the increased population density will likely slow the mail delivery.
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Maybe they will be better spellers. Bet they will write vulgar limericks.
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It's an interesting conundrum. Those rich communities are served by an entire class of others who could never afford to live there. So what to do? Are the cops, firefighters and EMS folks supposed to commute from afar? Restaurant and hospitality workers? I don't know that those folks would end up the "affordable" housing areas, but I get the issue. I live in a real nice area and work almost exclusively in the ghetto. I'm pretty sure most of the folks who work in my area live where I work and those who work where I live, don't work there.
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To prevent 40B you need to be over 10% affordable housing in the town.

The whole island is about 3% affordable housing.

The way to fight this is to drag it out in court.

As the cost of litigation goes up the profits go down so it becomes unprofitable.

Use the fire department to stop the project.
Not enough access space for fire engines to turn and have access. More empty space fewer units, less profits, and lots more engineering soft costs.

Conservation committee.

Spotted salamanders
Rare box turtles
Rare plants
Invasive Plants removal plans
Old trees have all stopped projects or delayed them for years.

Water and Sewer Dept. declare a moratorium on sewer hookups until more sewer capacity.
is added.

Usually, the town has a limited budget for this kind of litigation.

With billionaires funding it even a 40B can be stopped. Kill a project by slowing bleeding off the profits one cut at a time.

This is why closet-size places in CA can cost millions. The soft costs are stupidly high and the permitting time can be in years.
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Same issues plaguing many of the coastal and mountain resort communities...NIMBYS. These are also the same people who want to tell you how to live and they'll make it happen by backing candidates which will push legislation banning and prohibiting all sorts of things.

Whether its the Southern part of Marin County which is an exact slice of coastal CT, RI, MA or, a place like Truckee, Park City, Sun Valley, Bainbridge Island...bucolic small towns inhabited by multi-degree households, run by self-important housewives, asshole husbands and delinquent but indulged children.

Everyone working in the various retail, cafes, restaurants and other services, all have to commute in or, live in a local shoebox of a cottage. Rent is out of control or, non-existent, building permits haven't been issued in years and any proposal for changes either to a stop-light, re-landscape a park, install some new street lighting or, a new grocery store wants to take 25 community meetings, an insistence many studies along with various impact reports.
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If the anointed ones don't want to spend their own money, there's always the state dept of environment/conservation or, if they're really lucky, the Corps of Engineers.

Those two fine organizations are holding up a badly needed new service center for our local power company.because of two supposedly endangered wild flowers. They can't be sure they're actually endangered until spring when they bloom.

As an aside, I had personal experience with the Corps several years ago over old tire tracks that filled with water and somehow got designated wet lands. After two years of wrangling and obfuscation and a lot of money lost due to delays in construction, we gave them a check for ten grand and everything was wonderful. Would have given them multiples of that years earlier to get rid of them and still come out ahead. Money moves mountains - eventually.
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Affordable housing? Ok I can see how an island has a particular issue with workers commuting in, but still if the people living there now are happy with the level of services available then they don't need to bring more businesses and workers onto the island.

As one of those asshole husbands with a self-important housewife in Park City, lol, the issue is way more complicated than our hatred for those workers without multiple degrees who are damn near homeless because of our greedy nimby-ness.

Workers can choose to work here, or not. If they like the tips from wealthy tourists spending $200 per person at the restaurant, they can either pay to live here or they can commute. If they don't find $18/hr to pour coffee at the Java Cow enough to justify working here, they can easily find work in other nearby towns.

I don't get to live in The Colony because I cannot afford it. Likewise, the 7/11 cashier doesn't get to live in my neighborhood.

Around here, the developers of affordable housing don't live here. The workers who build the developments don't live here. They jam up the area for a couple of years with all of the construction vehicles, create lots of noise and dust, then leave. The new residents strain all the resources (roads, police, schools, grocery stores, hospital, etc) which is a net reduction in quality of life for us. And, our taxes go up to pay for new infrastructure and services.

Home values are what they are because of desirability. You can't add hundreds of less desirable homes with thousands of additional residents into any area without reducing quality of life and home values for the rest of the town. It doesn't matter what town.

If the developers lived here in town we wouldn't be having the same kinds of projects going in.
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Wait, what?
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Maybe the fed is planning on flying in a couple hundred “migrants” and their families…

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Originally posted by gearhounds:
Maybe the fed is planning on flying in a couple hundred “migrants” and their families…

Probably not, but never fear, DeSantis is here....

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There once was a low income housing resident from Nantucket...
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Originally posted by Kenpoist:
There once was a low income housing resident from Nantucket...

I don’t know why they just don’t dock a cruise ship and fill that with low income housing. Then they can also have incorporated the food lines.

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It would be great to have a low-income housing project there, just to show how there liberal beliefs are put into play.
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