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The Unmanned Writer
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Tell the wife i need to travel for work this week.

Hookers and blow.

I’ll worry about work next week.

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His Royal Hiney
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A healthy 10% guaranteed return income stream for life? 10% return is the average long term return of the stock market and that's before capital gains tax and not counting volatility.

For your limited life as ours all are, I would take it especially that it's a favorable treatment on your pre-tax dollars.

$4500 a year may be "small" but small rivulets end up combining to form a might river. I really am surprised someone thinks they can earn more than $4,500 a year from your $40,000. As long as it's not a private company offering you this or it's a private annuity but guaranteed by your employer then I would jump on it.

But if there's any disclaimer like "past performance is no guarantee of future results" or "this is just a projection" in small print below, then I'll pass. You can see that this second half of my post is based on my statement that someone thinks they can earn better than 10% on your $40,000 for the rest of your life which is pretty hard to do.

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It’s not a conjunction or something offered by an outside entity. They are set percentages laid out in the pesion.
It is simply purchasing time toward my pension which equates to a percentage of my high average.
In all reality that may be closer to $5,000 in the end as that $4,500 is calculated if I were to leave today. Which I have no plans to do so that number will go up each year I stay unless some sort of hiring freeze is implemented (which is very unlikely right now).
However it also adds the benefit of leaving now if I choose too (which is 2 years early) which is also a plus if someone were to come in and offer me some other employment or some other employment were to present it self.
It also means I will leave 2 years earlier than if I did not buy because the time my pension take home equals a working take home (which is my absolute leave date) will come 2 years earlier.

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