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In my long and over analyzing research of zero turn mowers, I stumbled on the commercial walk behinds. I was wanting to buy a bigger zero turn for when we get more property but I’ll wait until or off that happens.

Such as the 30” ExMark and others in that $2,500 range. Just a little less than the Toro ZTR that I’m not happy with.

I currently use a worn Toro TimeCutter 42” for 1/2 acre and I’m not happy with the cut and a transmission is failing on one side.

Thoughts? A 21” residential, even my old HRR Honda that was a sweet mower, was too small for this. Honda makes a 21” commercial twin blade but I wonder how it cuts and bags. I would mostly mulch. The EGO Self Propelled electric is awesome for the edging and trim but not enough oomph for the thicker main yard without mower two times a week and the battery only gets me half the yard.

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Well no responses yet so I'll chime in with my 2 cents.

No way I'd want a stander... would be too hard on my old knees and back but maybe you have a golf course green smooth yard.

If a larger property is not too far off I would hold off and fine tune the current mower for maximum cut, good sharp blades, level the deck... actually you level the blades, some brands recommend leading edge lowered a tad. Tire pressure, higher in front for easy turning of front tires and lower in back for traction. Always even side to side. But that pesky transmission... IDK.

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Hustler Trimstar is one of the best. Kawasaki engines, decks from 36" to 60", steers and throttles like a motorcycle. Great mowers. Walk behind or use a sulky.

Best mower made that did not sell. Big Dog (same as Hustler only red) put the Trimstar drive train on a rider in 2010 - did not sell. I bought this 2012 new for less than the price of the Kaw and the Z3100 transmission. Love it and am still using it trouble free after 10 years and 160 hours.

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I looked hard for something in the 32" 36" range and tried to get the Scag 36" Stander with the 19 HP Kawasaki. It ended up being too much hassle to order and get in my area with current issues. I would still like one, perhaps down the road.

There is limited choices of mowers in the 32" - 36" range in my area.

Ended up with a Ferris FW15 32" with a Honda GXV390 engine for now. I don't bag but I see you can get a bag set up for them. To get it to cut the way I wanted it and not leave a bunch of long cut grass on top in thicker higher areas I had to get a set of mulching blades and remove the side discharge chute. This worked for me. It sure cut time off of mowing the yard over my Honda 21". This is what I was after.
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That TrimStar is sweet! I’d have to get a deal on a LNIB one though.

However, that Ferris looks like a good candidate! I see Gravely makes one about that size but gear driven. Has a bigger fuel tank and slightly mot HP. I lean toward Honda over Kawasaki engines.

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I purchased a Scag 36” commercial walk behind back in 2005 for personal use. I had thoughts of my oldest son using it to start mowing yards for that never happened. We built a house with a very hilly yard 4.5 years ago and I sold it and used the proceeds to purchase a John Deer X738 mower with a 54” deck. Mower runs great but the extra time spent turning and the lack of lines (yes I know, a first world problem) have me contemplating buying another Scag walk behind. My original Scag had a fixed deck and I want a floating deck around 52”. I built one on their website and it came to $7,199 plus tax. I think I’m going to wait till after grass cutting season this year and see if I can find a used one. Scag is a great brand and their dealer is local to me.
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Take a look at the Hustler Surfer Pro. It's a commercial stand-on so more comfy than walk-behind w/ sulky and more compact than either a riding zero turn or commercial walk behind. Plus, it has a 34" deck for going through gates, and a Kawasaki engine for reliability.

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