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An update- Firearms have moved from my collection. For some time now, I've been operating "net zero," meaning I only open the safes to sell and then buy. That wandered into credit, for some reason I sensed I needed to get some SBRs and other shit done before this recent gun law fervor broke. All is in balance again, and the firearm in question was an unfired SP89 that was "papered" in MA.

When I happened upon it, I knew I'd not get a second chance, and made it happen. A beautiful gun, I realized that it'd never been my style to run a museum. It motivated me to SBR the PTR, and all in all between guns I've sold and guns I've bought/built at this point I'm about even. I dipped into credit but that is now remedied.

On the balance, buyers got a good deal, the gun shop gets the clout of selling unicorns, and I get a fair price.

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For me I have a local auction house that knows guns and does periodic auctions. 20% sellers premium but they do all the work, photos advertising listing on proxibid, getting payment shipping etc.
I have used then a few times. Due to market reach with national advertising even with 20% off the top, I always get more for the guns than I would struggling to do it myself, even in gun sales/ transfer friendly Arizona. I had one fairly uncommon rifle I bought in the late 1980’s for $300. I shot that thing like carry for a lot of years, was definitely due for a rebarrel if it was to be competitive ( match rifle) off to auction it went. About 20 years later, with 20 years worth of shooting enjoyment drained out of it, I got 1500 for it. Can’t beat that with a stick
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