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Good for you guys. So far no vaccines for us over here in Switzerland. The guys in charge fucked up.

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I received my second Moderna shot about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Yesterday, I had my blood drawn and tested for antibodies to Covid. I DO reflect as "Positive" for antibodies and the results "suggest a recent or prior COVID infection." So the vaccine does work as it should.
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I had my second Moderna on Tuesday the 16th of March.

Nurse cautioned me to ride it out and not do meds if I could handle it. That was a mistake I believe.

Shot was at 9:40 am... Achy about 6 that night, tired, and chills started heavy at 11 pm. Took tylenol at 2:45 am, fever of 101, and pulse of 120-30... Remained high, even with slow breathing, counting, calming.. for about 5 hours. normal for me is 65-70. Forced fluids, felt dehydrated.

Bad aches, and nausea. Fever responded to meds, I staggered tylenol and motrin. Temp elevated and chills felt throughout next day. I waited to do tylenol too late Wed night, fever hit again. It broke hard about 3 am Thursday morning.

Took tylenol even though no fever on Thursday, slept great Thursday night, today, I feel almost normal, maybe a bit tired. No meds today.

Only other shot I have reacted to in my life was Typhoid, and it wasn't this bad.

I hope it was worth it.

I am 49.

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Got my first Moderna in the middle of January and my second a month later. First shot I could feel the puncture from the needle However it lasted only a day.
Second shot I really felt. I was fatigued, no energy and my joints felt as someone was sticking pins in them. The effects lasted two days.
It was pretty much the same with my wife but the second shot effects lasted three days.

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and this little pig said:
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Like ICABOD, my wife had the same after her first and second shots. I only had arm soreness after the first, arm soreness and diarrhia after the second, for a day! Both of us got Moderna!
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I had COVID (albeit asymptomatic) in December. Got my second Moderna shot last week. No issues. First one was rough, though. Extreme fatigue and lethargy for two days. No real other symptoms. Glad it's over.
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Got the second Pfizer yesterday. Arm is less sore than after the first round. Woke up feeling like my entire body was in a pressure cooker. Tylenol and a nap helped.
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I'm 78, my wife is 72. Neither had much reaction to first Moderna shot. After the second shot, I had mild arm soreness, starting the day after and for about the next 36 hours. My wife had chills the night of the shot and severe arm soreness for the next 72 hours. She could barely lift her arm. It has now been 2 weeks since the second shot and after all the Covid hysteria of the last year, I'm ready to party. Now, of course, Fauci and his minions are still telling us what we can and can't do. We can only socialize with the fellow vaccinees and we need to continue wearing masks. At this point, I wear a mask as a courtesy to others and because it's easier than wearing a signboard saying I've been vaccinated. These politicians and people like Fauci, have become much too used to telling us what we can and can't do. Statistically, I now have a less than 5% chance of catching a virus that has about a 1% mortality rate. Screw 'em! I'm going back to living what's left of my life

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I'm 70, and still work full time. I got my second Moderna yesterday at lunchtime. The pharmacist said I could feel a little beat up. About two hours into my afternoon at work, I went home as I began to feel like my legs were made of lead. Started being chilled, wrapped up in a hoodie and an extra blanket to get to sleep. Up today, no more chills, but my arm keeps telling me "don't move fast". I expect to be back to normal by work on Monday.

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Received 1st Pfizer yesterday. Last night it felt like I’d just taken a very hard punch in the arm. Today it feels like the punch is several hours old but only if touched. No other effects.
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For real?
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Got my first Pfizer about 9 hours ago, just a sore arm.

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Mrs.BurtonRW, RN, got her Pfizer course in February. Developed a low grade fever (got close to 100, but not quite). She's sensitive to fevers, so that triggered generalized body aches and fatigue. Started about 12 hours after the injection and lasted maybe 48 hours. After the second injection, she had a similar reaction, but much weaker and a shorter course.

I finished my Moderna course at the beginning of this month. Both injections resulted in a slightly sore arm for a couple of days - nothing else. Honestly, I've had more soreness from a tetanus booster.


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Why in the world would anyone volunteer for that????


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First injection. Moderna. Sore arm only.

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The night after my sister received her second Moderna injection, she had 3-4 hours of uncontrollable shivering from chills that an electric blanket AND a down comforter couldn't help. The next day introduced equilibrium issues followed by fever and headache. Third day she was mostly over everything.

My first Pfizer shot resulted in a sore arm and mild upper body aches the next day. Second shot coming in about a week.

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Wife and I both got our second shot on the 12th of March around 1:00 PM. Heard all about the side effects and was well prepared with fluids, blankets, etc. Nothing the first afternoon. The day after, we felt a bit sluggish like we were coming down with something and had a sore arm. Other than that, zero, zip, nada. Felt fine by Sunday.
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Originally posted by Patriot:
My second Moderna...pretty low key

Shot injection site soreness...maaaybeee a bit tired and mild aches (one day). But nothing like I heard it could be.

Same here.

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medium headache and tired after the second Maderna shot. Lasted two days then fine.
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Originally posted by Chowser:
Got my first Pfizer about 9 hours ago, just a sore arm.

Same here. Midday Saturday for the first. Just a sore muscle so far.
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Got my 2nd Moderna shot on Feb 12th. Only side effect was a sore arm. That started about 10 hours after the shot and lasted for 36 hours.

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