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I usually buy a prepaid minutes card for Tracfone and before Verizon bought Tracfone, it was easy to add minutes.

That has all change.

Now, I'm required to go online and choose a link for adding minutes to my flip phone...however, now tracfone wants me to purchase minutes on line or prepay on line.

Can't these people leave a good thing alone?

"We have what it takes to take what you got" - The IRS.
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Millennial shit taking over the world bro. Everything there is, is being molded around their little offended asses.

What am I doing? I'm talking to an empty telephone
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drop and give me
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We have had net10 monthly prepaid unlimited service for several years and did the prepaid card then phone in new updates for extension... Now we prefer to go into the (mom and pop) store and take care of the bill and while at get to have a nice short visit with the owners.. They have handled any problems and or questions very quickly. ....................... drill sgt.
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