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Damn I'm getting tired of this!

I get it, during the beginning of the Covid debacle, I could understand it. 2 1/2 years later? NO!

I live in a very small town 90 miles from the nearest larger town(s). Thus, I order a shit-ton of things for delivery...especially with diesel at $5/gallon which makes it a tough pill to swallow driving to get things. A half a dozen times in the past month, I've ordered things that I need/want right away "next day" delivery and paid thusly. Not one of them has arrived within 3 days. Not one!

To their credit, most of the vendors have refunded the extra cost, but some have not, saying to the effect, once it leaves our warehouse it's a USPS/UPS/FEDEXs problem and we're not responsible.

I'm making a conscious effort of late to cut down on my cussing, but these f**ing a**holes make it impossible! Why offer next day shipping if you're not going to deliver?

M***erf*****s! Apparently "Next Day Air" really means "Some Time Next Week Air" or "When We Get Around To Bringing It By Air".


"Great danger lies in the notion that we can reason with evil." Doug Patton.
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Something in the air. I ordered something. 4 days later instead of two days, it’s “out for delivery” but then I get a nice email indicating “delivery attempted” - what does that even mean? I was home all day. And they always leave the package on the doorstep. Signature never required. So they came to the porch and then decided not to leave it?

And now I need to go pick it up at some local pick up point?

It’s late, it’s not dropped off despite suggesting they were at my porch, AND I have to go pick it up somewhere?


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