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Originally posted by bendable:
Retail is a lost art.
The suits only see $, or lack there of and the sales people get little to no training or incentives.

It's always been much more expensive to turn over poor employees
Than it is to train and cultivate people.

The suits refuse to acknowledge this

spot on,

and in some stores, Management is too busy hiding or chatting with other management and not keeping an eye on the help,

see it almost every day

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I was at a shop the other day looking at a Mossberg 590. Had everything I wanted and they were willing to take a trade of a 1996 228 that I should not have bought. Then the salesguy pissed me off. He kept asking me why I wanted the 590 and what I planned to use it for. When I said I did not have one he then tried to get me to buy some shit EAA shotgun called the Constable. I had to flatly tell him that I was not interested in it and to please focus on the 590. I was offered an acceptable trade on the 228 but was annoyed enough to just pass on the whole deal. Like you, this shop knows that I spend money there, a good amount of it.
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We managed to easily find a Colt 1911 for right under retail on the local trader and the guy literally lives in the next neighborhood over.

No tax, no hassle and made a friend in the area.

The Colt will hold its value better than these latest Turkish guns ever will that are merely tens of dollars less than the real thing.

We'll be dropping back by there to browse accessories that then will be purchased online now.


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