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Poison Ivy doesn't bother me. But Heart-Leaf Nettle (also called fireweed locally) is the spawn of satan! You don't have to touch it with your bare skin, it will bite you thru your clothes.

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We were burning a cabin to make room for our home in the mountains of NC when I was 15.

Guess what you can inhale?

Yup I had to go to the doctor and he basically doses me with Benadryl to knock me out for four or so days until the steroid shots I got began working.

Inside your ears, mouth, nose holes…other holes…it’s no joke.

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During my teenage days had a friend use poison ivy leaves as a wiping aid after he took a dump in the woods. Didn’t see him for a few weeks after that day; heard there was some medical intervention necessary!
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Good vid Dislet. Once you get it, Zanfel works. If you want to only be only slightly less horrified at the high cost, Walgreens has an equivalent house brand. I've gladly payed the price on both multiple times.

Technu Extreme (Extreme, not regular Technu) is cheaper, doesn't work as well but it does have a positive effect and it works good as a pre-itch soap as well.
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