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I keep watching this thread and relate it back to my rant about motorcycles with loud pipes. At least the fireworks eventually end when the rich (not really) idiots run out of money or explosives. Not so the bikers. They go drinking until all hours, then race toward home or the next bar. Time means nothing to them, they can drink all night and get up when they feel like it. The rest of us are tired as shit because we were woken up (does that make me woke?)

I looked the other day and discovered I have no fireworks. For the longest time I still had the worldly remains of a brick of inchies from back in 1965 I bought in South Dakota. Those are gone too. I guess maybe my neighbors feel the same about my canons. A fitting retaliation might be to set one off about noon the next day when the fireworks crazies are trying to sleep in.

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Here in rural Virginia we celebrate the 4th on the 10th. Seems the county didn't contract for its annual fireworks display in time to actually have it on the 4th. So last night at 9:30 it started. Even though its location was 10 miles away it came through loud and clear.

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Originally posted by rburg:
...(does that make me woke?)
Naw. It still just means you're tired as shit. Cool

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Fireworks on the 4th absolutely!!!! Be safe and considerate and we are going to be cool.

Fireworks on the 3rd? I'm going to drop by and ask you to please stop at 11pm. Don't want to stop? I have some nice people from the city who will ask in a less polite way.

Yes, it happened.

edited to add: These were HUGE mortars not puny little sparklers or firecrakers. Window shaking, ENORMOUS (amazing) fireworks. I am not kidding about the windows shaking, some of the mortars were exploding somewhat low.

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I called local LE on Sunday the 3rd when they would not stop it. So close it sounded like mortars over the house. I let it go until 10pm. When I’m a avid shooter, and it’s bothering me and the dog in the last hours of the night, we have a problem. I pointed the lady at the PD (not 911) in the general vicinity of where it was coming from, and voila, about 30 minutes later it was all shut down. Even when I was a stupid kid, raising myself, we went where there were no homes in the general vicinity and popped them off. We had contingencies and built safe areas as to not start a damn fire. And we certainly weren’t popping them off right next to homes late into the evening.

July 4th, have at it. Just cut it out after 10pm or so in the suburban neighborhood. I have to work in the morning. 3am, pop, bang, newsflash assholes, it’s July 5th. Back in the day people would somewhat responsibly send it on July 4th, from 8pm until 10pm. It sounded like war. No problem. Celebrate our freedom but the city does have ordinances because every year people start fires and burn down someone’s home or business. It seems as if nobody gives a shit about anyone but themselves nowadays. Just have some common sense and understand basic shit like the day you celebrate something, on the date of the significant thing.

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Originally posted by DoctorSolo:
The 4th sounded like a war

That's exactly the point. It's supposed to sound like the war that made this nation.

What the fuck? Where did we get so lost?

When did history cease to matter?

Why shouldn't we feel or hear or remember such a sacred war?

That's why they're shooting off fireworks? Riiiiiight.

Forget the part about it being may 20th.

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