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Originally posted by bustabuddy:
If they are that hard up for food, just go with the old reliable snap trap for rats, baited with peanut butter or a crushed pecan. You solve 2 problems at one time. Don't overthink it.

This makes sense to me.

If you can draw 50 or 100 rats at once, you can use a claymore, but . . .

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They tore down an old barn about 300 yards from my house and I assume the rats picked my place to take up residence. Setting rat traps was not too productive with one trap disappearing.

They are real diggers and being next to my water garden, they had all they needed. I decided to try the water hose down their hole.
What a surprise...there must have been 20 to 30 rats when I had only seen two or three. They left for parts unknown. Big Grin

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My Labadoodle is better than any cat I ever owned.
That dog chases them up my fig tree ,he barks ,I get my gun and shoot it.
Here is where it gets hairy.I get to race the dog to get it first.
I put in a gallon zip lock bag and freeze it
Put it in garbage night before garbage truck comes in morning.
I have to be fast,if he gets it first he starts eating it.
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Again, this eliminates all your issues. Rubber glove and a trash bag. Throw out the dead every morning.

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Terriers, sighthounds, and rats:

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Kill them as efficiently as possible. I use kill traps. Place rat carcass in Publix bag and freeze until garbage day. Place ratcicles in trash and dispose. Clean, quick and smell free.

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Build an automatic rat-launching trebuchet.

Take video.


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Originally posted by smschulz:
Originally posted by HRK:
Trap the live rats, put all of them live in a 5 gallon bucket, deliver them to your neighbor, tell him if he's going to feed them he damn sure needs to put out water for them....

Probably not a neighborly thing to do.
I hope this in jest.

Of course, although, might show them the dead rats, a chat with the neighbor, do they have any idea that they are bringing in rats with the bird seed, and if your yard has rats, their yard has to have them, and others, which means they are bringing them into peoples homes...

The way to solve the problem is to get rid of whats causing the problem, bird seed...

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