Issues with USAA - USAA you're out of here!

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August 28, 2021, 07:02 PM
Issues with USAA - USAA you're out of here!
Used to be fantastic. Now they suck ass. Literally had them tell me last month after they fucked up my credit card that “it is our money we are only loaning it to you”. I told that bitch that it wasn’t her money either she just works there for minimum wage. It took 4 FOUR, calls to unlucky a simple screw up on their part.

Now that I’ve moved to Florida and don’t use them for home insurance I will slowly divest myself of all their products.
September 05, 2021, 02:35 AM
wishfull thinker
I've been 'with' USAA for 54 years. That's long enough that I can remember when I was a 'member' before I became a 'customer' before I became a 'mark'. They used to be an insurance company then became a
financial services company and now they are a marketing company.

I've divested all but insurance and I shop it regularly.

Just one little anecdote here. In January we had a heck of a wind storm. A couple of big trees went down with one taking out a number of sections of my fence. It was a pain and took way too long but it got covered. The chick that was my goto is as near useless as I can imagine. Among her charms, when I called I invariable got her machine which informed me she would be returning calls in two to three business days.

Are you shitting me? Nothing takes two to three business days. Paint drys faster than that. But another fun thing she has mastered is a return call of a few seconds duration just enough for me to get my phone out of my pocket and then get the message tp say I can call back and she'll get back to me-sometime before the earth falls into the sun.

Why don't I leave? With the longevity spiffs and their general rate it's OK enough not to hunt up somebody just as bad or worse. But I would never under any circumstances recommend them to anyone I ever wanted to talk to again.

That 54 years means nothing to them so it means nothing to me either.


September 05, 2021, 08:10 AM
There are only two reasons I haven’t completely left USAA. First, I’m lazy. Second, the credit card gives 2.5% cash back and I can’t even match that let alone beat it. USAA literally is a shit show at this point and rarely the cheapest or best for any product.