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^^^ Especially given I've seen insurance carrier claim filing deadlines for in-network providers anywhere from 3 months to 12 months.

Hence if the hospitals mistake missed your carriers, Aetna, deadline, Aetna won't cover any part of that bill.

Since you said the hospital was in-network, that also means you have no responsibility to pay as well.
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Filed an appeal with WHOM??. Aetna now part of CVS should handle this one. Timely filing is a year unless the contract says otherwise. Undercharging happens. Betty Lou left off some charges in the hospital billing department. If the charges are medically necessary and not requiring prior authorization, Aetna should pay.
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Originally posted by YooperSigs:
Same thing happened to me! Got a bill just over a year after treatment. All BS! Mad

Same: I just got off the phone this morning with a physical therapy outfit that my wife used, with supposed co-pay charges from two sessions from June of last year...this after paying a bunch of co-pays a long while ago from other charges around that time, since our insurance typically has a fairly good turn-around time. They tried passing the buck and point the finger at $18.22 ($9.11 x 2), it isn't worth the effort to figure out who's to blame. Just going to pay it and move on, but that's the last time we'll use that PT outfit.
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And the final result is ?????? Inquiring minds want to know.
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All they look at is how much they can sock your insurance Company for, the better insurance the more tests.
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Originally posted by jhe888:
Originally posted by PASig:

And I suspect this hospital is trying to pull a fast one so I can help pay for the numerous illegals who come there for free, the area it's located is near a large community of them.

It isn't anything more complicated than greed and trying to extract as much money out of you as possible. You do not need to resort to plots about illegal aliens to explain this.

They would send you this bill if there were no illegal aliens within one thousand miles of you.

JHE is right, it's just big hospital ripoff SOP. If it's reasonable pay it. If it's a scheme and a ripoff don't pay it. The hospital will send or sell the receivable to their internal or contracted collector, and after a while they will stop bugging you. They ripoff peter to pay paul. Of the hundreds of people packing emergency rooms day in and day out, how many of those people you're looking at, appear to be able to pay those kinds of bills ? Where I live it's probably closer to zero. So the schmucks like you and me are paying for ourselves AND everyone else sitting in the emergency room. But if they helped you or saved your life, and they're not ripping you off, pay it. If they overcharge call them and tell them it's too much, and that you're enter a payment plan if they reduce the amount AND not overcharge you. If they say no, tell them they're being unreasonable, but you want to pay them anyway because they helped you. Tell them I'll give you xyz and call it even, or xyz with a payment plan. If they agree everything is good. If they tell you to pound sand, take their advice and go to the beach with some beer and suntan lotion.

I received a separate Hospital bill (not including surgeon, anesthesiologist, pediatrician bills) for one of my daughters who spent 2-1/2 weeks in a children's hospital. After I had paid all my contractual post-insurance co-pays to all of the physicians, I thought I was done, but the Hospital bill came -some time later for 15-something thousand dollars. I called them up and told them how grateful I was for the excellent care (mostly) they provided, but the 15+ thousand was too much for me to pay. They asked me to go on a payment plan for the whole 15k, I said I can't, still too much money for me personally. So we hung up after I told them I'd give it some thought. Not too long afterward I received and unexpected phone call with a new reduced figure, something like 9 thousand or so, but that if I paid it in full they would give me a percentage discount off of that figure, which came out to about 8 thousand. I accepted and paid them the 8k in full, and that was that. I don't recall what the co-pay was, but my insurance at the time really sucked, and according to that contract, I was on the hook for the full 15k.

Hospital billing departments are like car salesmen. Some are reasonable, some are not, and some are just plain old devils.

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