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I probably should not have done it...but I got this email yesterday:


This is Mr.Anthony Bucci, Senior Officer of Homeland Security in New York.
During my routine checks on our warehouse yesterday we discovered a cargo box, while scanning the box our cash tracking machine has detected that the content of the Box the diplomat was delivering to you is cash worth 10.5 mi11ion.
The diplomat who arrived with the box made several attempts to reach you. All the efforts he made were abortive so he decided to leave the box and travel back to his country, so if you are interested in receiving this fund back then get back to me now with your full information for the delivery.
Kindly forward your full information to us at:

Anthony Bucci
TelFrown917) 383-0856"

So this was my reply:

"Would you go back and check again I think there was supposed to be a crate with a dozen AK47s along with about 20,000 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo and another crate with concussion grenades in it?"
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Wait, what?
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I love how the “homeland security” guy has a Gmail account and a frowning emoji in his phone number…seems super legit.

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LOL Love it!
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I’m sure homeland security uses numbers in the middle of words. 10.5 MI11LION

Geez scammers should at least try to be better. I’m sure homeland security addressees themselves as mr too. I’m not sure what they are, but I would guess they would address themselves as agent or super agent or something…. Not Mr
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Originally posted by gearhounds:
I love how the “homeland security” guy has a Gmail account and a frowning emoji in his phone number…seems super legit.

It's getting auto-converted from the colon and open parenthesis.

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7.62mm Crusader
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You should act on this and get your 10.5 mil. Thats enough money, you could take a day off from work.. Big Grin
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E tan e epi tas
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Well at least they are mixing it up a bit. The same ole’ same ole’ gets boring. Smile

My favorite was when Quaddaffi’s wife wanted me to use funds of there to set them up in the states before he was killed and of course I would be paid handsomely.

My first thought was “why the hell am I on quaddafi’s mailing list”. Smile

"Guns are tools. The only weapon ever created was man."
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There is actually a method to the madness of obvious errors and typos in scam emails. The errors are often intentional. The senders are casting their net for the most unsophisticated, gullible marks. An individual who responds to such an error-laden email or the promise of some totally outlandish return on an investment is a person who is especially ripe for fleecing with minimal questions asked. Thus a positive response in the face of such errors and typos is a qualifying mechanism.

It costs nothing to send out thousands of such emails/texts/calls. One hooked sucker makes it very worthwhile.
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