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Wait, what?
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What kind of mileage do these EV trucks get? Especially pulling a heavy load in the bed? The time-to-charge numbers are pretty daunting. The technology is going to have to make great gains in providing both round trip longevity and charge time before I’d ever consider one at any price but free (or way cheap).

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I won't tell you what to do with your money and I'll probably be picking up a newer truck in the next year or so myself, but there's absolutely no reason your 2017 truck can't last you literally the rest of your life. If you want it go get it, but if you're looking for rational justification beyond "I want it" you're probably not going to find it.

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If you can afford it,.nothing wrong with having a nice truck if that's your choice. Some people want fancy boats, or jet skis, or whatever.

If you enjoy having a nice ride, go for it and who cares what anyone else says?

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I'll buy a horse and buggy before I ever spend $100K on a vehicle.

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That’s a lot of money.

Even if I had everything paid off and was paying cash, I just don’t think I could pay 100 grand for a truck.

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Although sometimes distracting, there is often a certain entertainment value to this easy standard.

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No one should spend 100k on any family vehicle ever. Consumers need to go on strike until prices come back to earth. I'm happy to keep driving my 26 year old truck for a while longer.

But whatever, I've lost interest in most things anyway, you do you.
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It's beyond stupid. If people stopped paying these obscene prices, this shit would cease. but, yoyo has to have his fucking truck, so, the royal screwing will continue and will get even worse.

These automotive executives and CEOs need to be horsewhipped and left in stocks in the public square for about a week, and then let's see if they feel like raping the consumer.
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At $100K I can justify maintaining my current vehicle in perpetuity, regardless of what needs to be repaired and/or replaced


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Originally posted by P250UA5:
Originally posted by FLKev:
Originally posted by P250UA5:
The Hummer EV is Huge
I've only seen one so far, but it is immediately noticeable as a Hummer.

For me, I'd be more interested in the Rivian or Silverado EV, if I were in the EV market.
The Rivian seems almost a perfect sized truck, for me. Bigger than a Tacoma & a bit smaller than a Silverado/F150.

I'm a "BIG OL" country boy LoL 6'2 275. The space would be awesome! I live in FL so the beaches and lakes would be perfect for this monster truck. It's just crazy what things cost these days. I can't wrap my head around spending this kind of money for truck. My first home was $57k. Granted, that was 30 yrs ago, but 6 figures for a truck?!?!?!

Well, in that case...
Do It! Big Grin

The Hummer would be my 4th choice, of the 5 that I'm aware of.

Silverado EV
Hummer EV
Just about anything else
Tesla Cybertruck

That pretty much reflects my selections also.

The only change might be a switch between #1 and #2, because I don't really get off-road much anymore. For anything off the pavement, the Rivian is much more capable than the Hummer EV

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Unless you absolutely need something like that, consider it a luxury vehicle and pay cash.

The difference in value between your existing vehicle and that one is pretty significant, and this will depreciate more quickly due to nobody wants to be holding the bag when it comes time to replace the batteries.

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I like to think Im a smart chap and there is no way, no how, am I spending $100,000 on a personal vehicle.

Buying a work vehicle, that makes you money, and earns its keep, is one thing. A grocery getter for $100,000 is absolute insanity.

In my view, you better have a multi million dollar net worth and $10,000 a month in disposable income before you spend that much money on your around town car.

Your mileage may vary.

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92fstech, the 1972 Chevy is probably the best looking truck ever made. Make that a 3/4 ton, and I’m all over it. I owned a 1970 a few years back. Gave it to my son who sold it. Regrets.

I registered my 1995 Chevy again last week. $77 to the state and $32 for emissions test. Only three years to go and I’ll have vintage tags. $12/year with no emissions requirement. I’m really cheap about transportation, and will drive my stuff forever. I bought the 1995 in 2005 from my cousin shortly before he was killed in AFG. I’ll probably drive it twenty more years.

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