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I had problems with Best Buy a few times as they used flipping stupid app companies where you can get people to do your errands for you to deliver the stuff I bought for my company.

They tried to deliver it at like 8 PM and the building is of course locked...tried to reschedule for next day during business hours..impossible. Canceled the order.

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That sux , I went into BB yesterday and waited for maybe 3 minutes and was helped.
I've never had anything but great help and service from them for the last 8 years I've been here.
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Originally posted by bobandmikako:

I was told I couldn't pick it up because all of their computers were down.
I had a similar experience at Staples. I was making the rounds of my customers in the Space Coast area, and the printing calculator that I keep in the truck to do on-site invoicing, broke.

Swing into a Staples, grabbed a replacement calculator off the shelf, and the dude at the register told me he could not make the sale because the store's computers were FUBAR, so he could not run my credit card.

I asked whether they had an old-fashioned credit card thingy for backup -- the mechanical kind where you put the card in, lay the form over it, and run a roller back and forth. He had no idea what I was talking about.

I said, "How about cash? The calculator is $XX.zz, plus 7% sales tax, I'll give you the money and you hand on to it until your computers are alive again."

Nope, that concept was too complicated for the moron, and the store manger was even dumber.

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I wrote off BB many years ago when I got burned by one of their bait and switch musical chairs rebates scams on a hard drive I bought.

I mostly patronize a local independent furniture and appliance store that is 3rd generation and have bought from all three generations going back to about 1970.

Yes I pay a bit more sometimes but I often get same day delivery and they service what they sell.

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I consulted with their audio expert(s) and what n underwhelming experience it was.

I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted and it was not a “kick ass” system with a subwoofer. I wanted a touch screen Pioneer (specific model) and was more concerned about the installation and how my factory steering wheels would work with it. Slight upgrade to a touch screen was my main concern as the factory non touch screen died and the local FCA dealer wanted $475 plus labor to install a factory refurbished one.

After the estimate was finished I questioned one of them about the Sirius receiver that I would need. While one of the two guys was quiet the other one said “It’s built in” to which I didn’t even bother to disagree with. Right on the display unit was the notation that the Sirius module had to be added to that radio. Not to mention the Crutchfield catalog and their tech person both said it was required.

I had researched this model radio on both the Pioneer site and by talking to Crutchfield before going into BB. I had intended to buy it from Crutchfield but between the lack of one of their approved installers in the area and me not wanting to tear into my Jeep’s dash I figured it was easier to go to a one stop shopping experience. Wrong there.

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