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Brought this back from the dead with a few updates.

I'm still having some migraines. They're not as frequent but they're still there. I have meds, but I usually can't take much because I'm at work. When I can take it the Firoicet works like a charm if I can get it in early enough. Cambia isn't covered by my old insurance, and was what works the absolute best. Unknown if the new insurance will cover it, but I'm doubtful at best.

I got the MRI done, but due to some unfortunate timing issues surrounding my departure from my last job and the start of a new one (new employer's insurance starts the 1st of the month past 30 days with the company, so it just kicked in yesterday) I haven't been able to talk about it with them in detail (I have that scheduled on the 9th). They did call me to say there wasn't anything immediately urgent like a tumor, though.

My neurologist just upped my Aimovig to 140mg yuesterday. I'm hoping that will help some, it's been a rocky few weeks. I work in a warehouse full of scented things (essential oils, candles, lotions, etc.). and the various scents certainly aren't helping. There might be some issues here, because it's not on my new insurance's formulary. We'll see if they can't convince the insurance company that the drug I've been fairly stable on for the past year is something I actually need.

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My aimovig isn't covered by my insurance either. Go onto the Aimovig website and sign up for the benefit card. I've been using it for a little over 2 years now and my shot only costs $5.

There's no way I could work in a warehouse full of scented things.....I'd be a dead man.

Hoping you can get them lined out.

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Headache specialists often have at least one full time person getting the PAs from the insurance company. It is one big game by your insurance company to save money. It has gotten to the point where some specialists have gone to cash only or are charging for the PAs. It has nothing to do with drug effectivenss.
Oftentimes Medicare does not honor the benefit cards.
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I've had migraines since I was a kid off and on so did my father. Over the years they came less frequently but as I'm much older and working still they pop up more often than they did.

Would save my pain medicine that would get for whatever procedure and ration it for headaches and usually that would allow me to sleep it off.

Then one day a few years ago I couldn't sleep, eat, or drink for 3 days even was vomiting like crazy due ti the pain, no matter what pain pills I had ending up at the ER and they gave me some drugs through a IV, non pain type and I was finally able to sleep it off.

Talked to my regular doctor about the incident and he prescribed me Sumatriptan and it works miracles for me. I take one pill and within 30 minutes my migraine is completely gone or down to a level of a small headache that I can tolerate it until it goes away and go to work.

The biggest up side is the side effects for me personally usually will make you a little drowsy so I wouldn't want to drive right away after taking one. Also with my insurance I pay about 10 bucks for 20 pills or 1 month supply. Usually lasts 2-3 times that.

For me lack of sleep, sitting in front of the TV or Computer for too long, or the one I know will mess up my day is lack of eating or when I eat my next meal from the last one. So if for whatever reason due to work or something I can't control and it's 2-3 hours or more past the time lets say I usually have lunch I know I'm going to be in a world of hurt.

So ask you doctor about Sumatriptan and maybe give it a try.
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