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Ordered an item on Ebay, it ships out on the 5th with an estimated arrival date of yesterday. The service is parcel select, so I know I shouldn't expect any miracles, however it was scanned at the PO on the 5th and nothing since. Called the PO it was scanned at and they state it isn't there but that there have been a bunch of issues at the distribution centers and locally and that this is the second package in as many days that has had this issue. He states that stuff for some reason isn't getting scanned properly and that tons of workers just haven't been showing up at some locations for whatever reason.

So they are looking into it but who knows what the outcome will be. The package was only coming from CT so there were only 2 other distribution centers that it should have hit between the origin and my post office.

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I just got off the phone with my local Post Office after checking on a package that was out for delivery that I didn't receive. I have rural route delivery.

I was informed that they/we don't have enough rural carriers to provide service to everyone on a daily/regular basis and that my route was not on the delivery schedule for today.

You've got to be kidding me! Whatever happened to overtime, rearranging routes, shifting some of that burden onto the carriers they presently have?


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America's chickens are coming home and crapping on everything.

Expecting anyone in the generations coming into maturity to roll back to responsible behavior is a fool's errand.

I got a helmet long ago ..

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My doorbell rang a couple of days ago. I see the USPS truck out front. There's a package on my doorstep.

Wrong address. Wrong street. I got in my truck and went down the road but this genius was off finding a cure for cancer, so I just drove to the address on the package and delivered it myself.

We've been in this house for almost 19 years, and this is a first. I'm trying to imagine the combination of incompetence and laziness which would cause a mail carrier to pull such a stunt.

They don't care, they are apparently no repercussions for incompetence or laziness at the USPS. No one is going to do shit about it and it's just going to keep getting worse.
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All of these things happening and we wonder why the USPS is loosing money and why they are cutting routes and cutting work hours and or actual work days...But yet they are raising the cost of stamps and other cost cutting measures and still loosing massive amount of money every day. ...Have only good things to say about our current mail lady running our route. .............................. drill sgt.
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The USPS delivered a GIANT box of Chewey at my doorstep. It was addressed to a neighbor who has serious anger problems. It was heavy and with my back issues I was not about to deliver it. Of course this neighbor does not respond to calls, text messages and even a note in the mailbox. It was about to rain and ants had discovered the box. I knocked on his door and his wife answered. They picked up the package.

Two days later another GIANT chewey box. Addressed correctly like the last. My other neighbor offered to carry it over.
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