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Almost all of my customers are hardware stores. One of these has had to lock the restrooms because of customer abuse. You have to get the key from the cashier.

I was in that store this morning. Got the key to the men's room, figured that I had the key, so the men's room would be empty. Unlocked the door and was surprised to find a store employee sitting on the crapper. Excused myself and backed out.

Guess I'll start knocking.

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“Jeez. Doesn't anyone fucking knock anymore?” --- Brad Hamilton

"Physics is like politics. It puts real effort into fighting imaginary forces." --- Fortnine
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I knock. Proper response is a loud cough or “Occupied.” Simple.
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How about the other side of the situation? Are people too stupid to lock the door?

Originally posted by Psychobastard:
Well, we "gave them democracy"... not unlike giving a monkey a loaded gun.

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What amazes me more is the other side, how often people on the inside won't say anything. I don't understand why people don't acknowledge they're inside.

My whole job now revolves around knocking on and opening doors all day, and it happens constantly. Maybe they think I'll go away? (despite them wanting me to be there is the reason I am.) "Knock and announce", ya knock, wait a bit, knock again and then tell them who you are. Wait again, knock and tell them you're about to unlocking the door and that you're coming in... you do, and they're SHOCKED to see you! lmao What did you expect!? F'ing say something!

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